The Wellness Tip: 14th January

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Getting into wellness in January is like getting into football during the World Cup. You’re an imposter and everybody knows it, but really no one cares. There’s an attitude of inclusivity and you’re gonna ride it all the way to sexy town. Or until February 1st when you can retreat back into your comfortable cavern of un-wellness.

Here are our picks for keeping welly from head to toe via belly.
Unless you're the type to get gaff-envy, a stroll amongst the vast opulence of Kenwood House is an excellent head clearer. Hidden deep in Hampstead Heath, the quiet, cavernous halls are packed with expensive art, gilded accents and crystal chandeliers. Our favourite space for some peace is the library room and all its turquoise rococo splendour, where you can live out all your Georgian fantasies in peace.
Honestly, your weekly 5K run probably hasn't caused the drastic life change you though it would. Maybe it's time to think bigger, think bolder, think more... parkourier. This free-running gym on the Thames is decked out with what are essentially complex climbing frames for adults. It's probably one of the most intensive and all-over workouts you can do and, after about a year of fractured wrists and broken collar bones, you look pretty sick doing it.
There are two kinds of brunches in our book: the indulgent kind and the healthy, wholesome kind. It can be pretty tricky to find a place that manages to do both, which is part of what makes Hara well worth a visit. Owners Kiara and Tess create nourishing and super-delicious brunch eats that hit all the pleasure spots whilst also providing something colourful and healthy for the 'gram. Feelings of smugness are guaranteed.
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