The Wellness Tip: 11th February

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Well ness? Hell yes!!! That's the kind of senseless idiom you should have seared into your mind as we embark on another week of our healthy crusade. Other options include: 'pain is just weakness leaving the body'; 'Rome wasn't built in a day'; and 'OK, that's enough, let's go home now'.
Barbican Music Library is slightly away from the main action which means it's often very quiet and silence is the norm. It's set up for the listening to and studying of that beautiful thing we call music, meaning private booths and headphones, and all the solitude you need to stare at a wooden wall for an hour or two. Along with 20 computers and plenty of communal work space there are also pianos dotted about which you can practice on!
Take your spinning game to another level with Hydrofit's aquabikes. They offer a more intimate take on the fitness craze, with personal cabins that feature jacuzzi-style jets, flashing underwater lights, and an entertainment system. Apparently, trading land for H2O means less stress on the joints, plus the added pressure of the water speeds up blood circulation and helps you burn more fat. Tbh though, we just like splashing around.
Honi Poke is bringing a taste of the Pacific to London turf, surfing that poke wave all the way from Hawaii to Soho and now the City. If you haven’t heard, poke is a sashimi bowl of marinated raw fish, rice and a selection of other fresh, vibezy ingredients. It’s a zingy bowl of freshness, ideal for anyone looking to do their vitality levels a favour without making sacrifices on the flavour front.
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