The Wellness Tip: 10th December

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We've slowly come round to the idea that putting a small amount of time and effort into feeling better about ourselves is a pretty worthwhile pursuit. We try to balance every pizza with a salad; every day spent on a sofa not moving further than the fridge with a walk around the park; and every episode of mind-numbing reality TV with something meditative. Here are the things we'll be doing this week to help repent for the sins of our weekends.
This is one of those things that's gonna require some open mindedness on your part - like the first time you tried sushi or bondage. Conscious clubbing is the idea that outside of da cloob, away from peoples' Instagram stories and £8 vodka cranberries, you can find something in the act of dancing that will loosen your inhibitions and help to flush away any of the stresses of the outside world. It should leave you relaxed and refreshed and crucially, without the usual hangover or overdraft fees.
You know this daylight alarm clocks that replicate the light of dawn right before you wake up? This is kind of like that, only instead of peacefully emerging from your slumber you'll be strapped onto a bike in a big room, pounding those legs and hurtling through some beautiful landscape. First Light Cycle brings together cutting-edge sunlight simulation and big bold backdrops using a 30ft Magic Mirror to awaken the senses.
Chirashi bowls feels so goddamn healthy that we reckon the NHS will be prescribing them universally within six months. Until then, get yourself down to Bermondsey where Angelo Sato's Japanese rice bowls come laden with delicious, flavoursome freshness. We'd recommend the tuna wasabi number with plenty of pickles, nori, edamame, crunchy wasabi peas and melt-in-the-mouth tuna. Get that down ya' and you're good for your next three kebabs.
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