The Rainy Day Bailout Plan

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A day can come in all shades, shapes and sizes. Occasionally, you'll encounter a thoroughly wet one which threatens to force you into staying inside all day - circumstances which almost always lead to an existential crisis combined with unbearable waits for Deliveroo. We're not into that. Not one little bit.

Rain is temporary, but appearances are permanent and you're the type who needs to be out there, bopping around town whatever the weather. We actually have a whole category full of ideas, if you really must know - see below for more ideas.
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1. Old-school kicks
First up, the classic rainy day activity that's almost as good now as it was way back in the halcyon days of youth, bringing back memories of unfathomably salty chicken nuggets and fancying your friend's mum. Rowan's is the type of place where dreams can be made, and marbles just as easily lost. It's a Dojo favourite for the pure raucous funhouse vibes that unfurl in the evening. By day, however, it's a bit calmer and you can throw your ball down the alley for between £4.50-6.

2. Seek some thrills
The surest way to shoot a little adrenaline into the bloodstream is jumping into a small kart and zooming around a track. TeamSport are very much the big dogs in the small pond that is London's go karting scene - they have tracks at London Bridge, Docklands and in North, along with this one out West.

This 500 metre circuit comes with level changes, banked corners and speedy straights that are build for SPEED, THRILLS, EXCITEMENT. It typically costs £36 for 30 minutes - though scope out their occasional half-price deals for a bargain.
3. Get creative
Twiddling those thumbs at home is nice, but you could also be twiddling those thumbs around some needles in the midst of a knitting frenzy, or an alternative craft you'll feel very smug telling your friends about. The Good Life Centre is a hub of artistic and creative flare which hosts practical, introductory workshops to all sorts: from woodwork and carpentry to plastering and bookbinding. Just think what your interiors will look like after you've had a go at it - shit but authentic.
4. Go for a clamber
We've all got that friend who's into bouldering and relentlessly bangs on about how great it is. After you remove that friend from your life, a rainy day is an opportune time to see what the fuss is all about. Both a physical and mental challenge, there's also something very communal about staring up at a relatively small wall in complete wonder with a stranger next to you.

The Arch in Bermondsey is a great spot for it. An introductory class is £20 and is a very helpful way of learning the ropes. Although there won't be any ropes, for this is bouldering.
5. Cosy up and do nothing
Okay, all those active ideas are great and all but they do require money and effort. Something requiring only one of those two things is hunkering down in a warming, cosy boozer, perfect for whiling away the day whilst talking about everything and nothing at all.

Myddleton Arms has it all: an open fire, good music, a wide selection of ales, a two-tiered back garden with fairy lights and private little cabins for hibernation and board games.
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6. Escape life
The staple go-to for any shitty day is the cinema and its alluring offering of comfy escapism. Genesis is one of our favourites. It's a swish, beautifully decorated space that's been put together by a couple of film-set designers; there's a nice cafe and bar where local Mile Enders rub shoulders with arty sorts seeking cheap cinematic thrills; and tickets are cheap. Real cheap. It's £5 on Mondays and £10 the rest of the days.
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7. Sate that curiosity
In such conditions, heading out to some kind of exhibition can only be considered if the museum in question will give you several hours of shelter/entertainment. Step forward Wellcome Collection: a fascinating place that explores the interconnections between science, art and life.

Not only does it put on super interesting free exhibitions, it has a strange and spacious library, a big cafe and shop area, and scientific oddities at every turn. Running through everything they do here is the desire to have people reflecting on what it means to be human - and it really works.
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8. Plug in and zone out
Modelled on Tokyo's gamer cafes, this is an apt place to 'drink, relax and play' which is, when you really think about, all a rainy day was made for. Here you'll find plenty of board games, retro arcade machines and collaborative spaces where you can play on their consoles with other gamer sorts. They've got Xbox Ones, Playstation 4s, Super Nintendos, 100+ board games, Table Football and a Nintendo 64. That's wild!
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9. Have a bounce
A 2017 urban study from LSE actually predicted that there will be more trampoline parks than normal parks in London by 2050. Right now there aren't that many, but those there are, do what they say, offering plenty of bounce-orientated fun. At Oxygen, London's original park, there are fitness classes, schools of trampolining and the classic freestyle session (£12.60). Imagine how great your 'seat-drop' will be after an hour.
10. Flex those vocals
Karaokeisthemostfunyoucaneverhave. There, we've said it, and you can quote us on that because there's nothing better than removing the ego, adding some close friends and getting really into it. The Star of Bethnal Green is a lively and rough-around-the-edges boozer, with a karaoke room ripe for some vocal debauchery. It can fit 15 and comes with the iconic Lucky Voice machine with 10,000,000,000 songs (we may have added some zeros). You can hire this room by the hour (Sun-Thurs: £29 per hour; Fri-Sat: £49).
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