The Hitlist: 10 new openings to check out this month

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Recently we took a cold hard look in the mirror, snapped out of that jacky p rut and fell back in love with our Lady London. We've been scoping out the food scene and it's looking real tasty. Here's whats what, from high-class sushi and heavy-duty cocktails, to simple Turkish flatbreads and sour 'n' spicy Thai.

Now we're all about that high consumption life but maybe don't go to all of them at once. Unless you're rich, or you wanna expense Dojo? Just kidding, sorry Mike.
After doing pretty swimmingly with his first goat, Ben Chapman has gone even more trad Thai with the menu here - laying it on sour and spicy. The menu takes inspo from the quick snacks and comfort food served in the late-night Bangkok canteens.

Go in a group of four, order a couple beers, the barbecued goat and turmeric massaman curry, and some sides (we're thinking kale, sambal aubergine and lardo fried rice) and you'll leave plenty full with change from a £20 note.
La Fromagerie is very much on the classy end of the Dojo scale - cheese shop, café, bar, and restaurant, it's perfect for a pit stop glass o' grape, a luxurious quiche 'n' salad lunch, or a cheese-heavy dinner. There's wheels of the creamy goods from all over Europe to buy or snaffle on sight.

Take your favourite date, sit amidst the classy French decor (seductive green velvet banquette seating, marble bar tops and mighty stylish brass lighting) and navigate the mess that comes with sharing a cheese fondue.
Hodge Podge is one of those laid back modern British restos that keep popping up at the mo - the kind that give French and Italian food a run for their money, and Scandi decor a run for theirs.

Dishes range from delicate (mussel broth with warm fennel salad) to punchy (BBQ baby chicken with burnt corn chowder and nduja). And desserts? Well, they're pretty flipping sultry to be honest. Profiteroles filled with tahini and baked caramel cream for you, too?
Neatly tucked up in Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen's erm kitchen is this purveyor of tangy buffalo wings. Not the actual wings of a buffalo of course (those are way bigger), these little nibblets are covered in lurid orange sauces of varying spice levels and served with the classic combo of creamy dreamy blue cheese sauce and crunchy celery. Heat ranges from chilled out BBQ to fairly dangerous viper, which we avoided altogether.

It's tried, tested, and tasty as all hell.
The Racketeer is a cut above your usual pub, or is it a cocktail bar? It was a classic old man pub, it got a facelift, the locals got annoyed, then (some) became regulars again. The thing is, it's real cosy now, with original tiles, deep blue walls, and a wood burning stove in the back.

We nabbed the soft leather armchairs and got a little wavey on their cocky ts. Try the Hanky Panky, it's like a negroni's sweet little sister... too creepy?
Pergola's rooftop is cosying up for winter. They've whacked a roof on, added some heaters, and revamped the menus for some warming seasonal vibes. The street food remains strong: we're talking Tonkotsu's comforting ramen, Mama Dough's bouncy pizza and more.

Sip on mulled cider, swagger about to DJs, and gaze up adoringly at the pergola dripping with foliage (knowing you're completely safe from the weather). As far as roofs go this is a real goodun.
So there's this chef called Victor Garvey and he just won't stop opening tapas bars. Yeah he grew up in Barca, on Las Ramblas. And what?!

Much like Garvey's hometown (ooo politics) the menu at Rambla is divided. There's your 'Cru', offering raw and cured meats; your 'Muntanya', filled with traditional Catalonian mountain dishes; and 'Mar' – yep that's seafood, clever you. If you're not heavily into separatism you can mix and match your sea urchin with the braised oxtail canelones.
It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that a swanky Japanese spot in Mayfair is gonna cost you. But when the food is as good as it is here it's worth doing all you can to forget about the price. Try hypnotherapy?

Tokyo-trained chefs whip up chicken karaage, california rolls, and soft shell crab sushi like it's nothing. But it ain't. It's great and we're savouring every single mouthful.
The term 'simple honest cooking' is banded about all over the shop, but this restaurant takes it to new levels. There's one dish and it's called pide: basically Turkish flatbreads, shaped like canoes, filled with all manner of edibles - four cheese, Turkish sausage, salt beef, and roast chicken to name a few.

Have a freshly-made lemonade at the ready and you're all set to deal with whatever life throws at ya.
It's not like London needed any more informal fresh pasta bars, and yet, here we are, dreaming of Pastaio.

If you're in a need of real carb hit, nothing will beat the comforting power of the potato ravioli, complete with gravy and an egg yolk plopped on top. Balance the richness with a radicchio, pomegranate and pecorino salad, pick something simple from the short wine list and Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt, and we're your favourite lifestyle app.
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