Snug Wee Cafes that Pander to Yer Maw

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If your mum lives in London you can’t get away with a Moonpig card or a one-sided phone call anymore. Come on, you can spare a couple hours to grab a coffee or even pop into one of these mum-friendly cafs for a good long chat with the woman who made you you.

Foot the bill, turn up with flowers and she’ll be just as proud as the day you reared your ugly head.
Central London
Bringing Soho to the Strand, this Somerset House branch of Fernandez and Wells offers a place to rest your feet should you ever need to venture into central. Cool interiors, tasty bocadillos (Spanish sandwiches) and a lengthy tapas menu. Coffee and wine
Lily Vanilly is a tiny bakery with lots of sweet treats but not much seating. The cake designs range from elaborate floral tiered cakes to one that looks like a lagoon from the Thunderbirds island. Strong willpower is required to not overindulge on sugar and instagrams here. Guaranteed like from maw though.
Hear the crunch of freshly roasted coffee beans and the cries of debate as you step into Black Penny - Covent Garden's hub for heated conversation and daring creativity fuelled by a genuine love for coffee.
We like most our things welcoming and mellow, but especially cafes. Drop into this one and we reckon you'll feel at ease straight away with their home-cooked grub and smiling service.
They're dishing up hearty stews, crunchy salads, warming soups and chocolate brownies to make your granny proud. Bright, clean, leafy surroundings make this the ideal spot to set up your laptop or take your favourite colleague to lunch.
North London
Nanna's is a little oasis of calm and 70s style home comforts. Curl up in an armchair with a book, listen to old vinyl records playing and forget about the hustle and bustle of London.Their tasty british grub and crochet blankets are just like a hug from your favourite granny.
This little neighbourhood sweet spot looks like a good find from the off. The cute little chairs outside, the tiny door, quainter and quainter. Once you step inside, the mounds of fresh, colourful salads will reassure anyone who's still questioning the long old trip to Muswell Hill.
East London
This one is more of a gallery in a cafe, than a cafe in a gallery. It has vegan and vegetarian food, a whole heap of art on the walls and a programme of events including book clubs and open mic nights. There's always something going on.
Tina, We Salute You’s new offering in Stratford's East Village has a flip-side - their alcohol license means you can get involved in local craft beers and cocktails in the evenings (hurrah!). The daytime vibe is still very much coffee, antipodean brunches (pancakes on the weekend) and fresssshly baked cakes.
Greenwich's ultimate cotch spot made for weekend slothiness. Hover over their truly scrumptious homemade cake menu - we'd personally recommmend the Chocolate Treacle badd boy.
Gallery cafes can so often be dull dens of disappointment. Overpriced weak tea, stale scones, you know. Carmelite Cafe definitely raises the bar. You've got artisan suppliers like Pie Cart bringing in damn good grub, speciality roaster Nude Espresso on bean duty, and a chilled acoustic soundtrack in the background.
South London
If you're in the Balham area and you've been to Milk a few too many times recently then try Brother Marcus out. Open nice 'n' early for your first caffeine hit, and serving up fabulously eggy and rather boozy brunches at the weekend, it's a great all round neighbourhood spot.
Some people may think Brixton has enough artisan coffee shops but these guys sure don't. With a touch of corrugated iron here and there and some on-point artwork, you can tell this one has got it right.
Nipping across the Channel for a French cafe experience is a bit of a schlep, so we just stick to Madeleine's in Clapham. You may not see him, but in the kitchen there's a pastry chef from France, firing out the best cakes and pastries all day - including gluten-free goodies. The coffee here is good, but the teas are the MVP – all lined up on the counter in glass jars.
What used to be a standard greasy spoon is now a tidy little vegetarian bistro. The Blue Brick Café does a mean veggie variation of a full English for your hangover needs, but also pushes the boat out further into spicy chickpea stews, risottos, and substantial salads.
Not one to pigeonhole, this little cafe is decorated with mismatched furniture and quirky art objects and is a tight but delightful squeeze. Caffeinate yourself and choose from hearty sandwiches, freshly baked cakes, nutritious salads, pastries and soups.
This charming café is a bright little beacon amongst the rather grey Denmark Hill high street. As for the nosh, the goat’s cheese burger with roasted peppers, courgettes and aubergine takes centre stage. The smoothies are pretty darn good too, and are very on brand with names such as ‘baby love’ and ‘love me tender’.
West London
Loved by locals and a pillar of the neighbourhood’s indie business network, Pedlars is the place to peruse vintage knits, bespoke goods and smiling faces. All coffee comes from New Zealand roasters Allpress, who make sure baristas are trained to get the best out of the bean. Suffering a brain drain? No fret, The Idler Academy are host evening classes here: creative writing, philosophy and ‘Make Your Own Books’ to name a few.
The coffee here is what you would expect from Italians: first class. And for your tummy? Delicious treats, meats and salads of course. How does Sicilian octopus with a rocket salad followed by homemade beef lasagne sound? They even use a woodfire oven to toast their paninis… La dolce vita indeed.
If you're looking for something simple, tasty and British with a laid back vibe, Social Pantry ticks all the right boxes. Whilst it's simple, the menu here doesn't hold back on quality - bacon comes fresh from Ginger Pig butcher, brownies come from the Bad Boys' Bakery at Brixton prison and homemade goodies like the walnut and pear tart are cooked up every morning on site.
These good people are all about community, local produce and keeping you green as a grasshopper. The seasonal menu (spelled out in fridge magnets) is primarily vegan and always tasty - come in the week for something simple like their pumpkin and kale tart, or on the weekend for their full English brekkie.
The walls are decorated with awesome shiny blue tiles, the courtyard is a cosy sun trap and the food is ‘holistic and healthy’. Don’t let that last bit put you off as the food is delicious (and nutritious) - try superfood smoothies, coconut oil fried schnitzel and the Farm Girl porridge topped with chia seeds, millet seeds, avocado and omega mix.

If Gwyneth Paltrow were a café she’d probably look a bit like Hally's. All white wash walls, pastel interiors and organic produce, this Californian inspired café serves healthy lunches, fresh juices and banging breakfasts.
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