Sicilian Street Food vs Northern Italian Dining

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We love a coincidence and this one was ripe for the picking. Two canalside spots (right next to each other), one Thursday (why this particular day we couldn't say), and two entirely different species of Italian food. On the one hand Gotto serving up a set menu of spring time delights with vermouth, on the other Mason & Company going all street with a selection of greasy nibbles and beer.

Choose your cuisine wisely young warrior. Or you could see which one still has tickets available and then pick.
Nibble on skewered pork bombette, with caciotta cheese fondue; English asparagus risotto with black truffle; charcoal grilled lamb, and strawbs for dessert guys! Price includes four courses and a glass of their delish' (but dangerous) homemade vermouth. Spring at Gotto could be our new fave season.
You've already heard of arancini sure, but what about this lot? Panelle (crisp chickpea fritters with rosemary salt), crocchè (Sicilian cheesy potato croquettes), or pani ca meusa - cow's spleen burger.

Its tricky comparing grilled lamb to croquettes but if we have to choose – what's that you want a decision over in the corner? – we're going for Sicilian. Call us predictable but we can't resist deep fried goods paired with craft beer.
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