7 Salacious Sarnies

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There is very little that satisfies like a sandwich. We're not talking about that soggy motorway stop mush you have to fill with crisps to trick your mouth into submission. No no, this is about a sculpture, a puzzle if you will, where each element is as painstakingly thought out as your Instagram captions.

The below excel on all counts; bread, filling and handleability. Nobody wants pesky tomatoes down their sleeve.
Remember the cheese truck? Yep, 'course you do. Those strings of melted cheese were always worth the hunt. These days it's all about The Cheese Bar though, and their classic toastie with Keens cheddar, rich Ogleshield and red onion - all stuffed in chewy sourdough.
Try Monty's famous homemade pastrami and salt beef sandwiches (they're one of the only places in the UK to make theirs from scratch) complemented with all manner of sauerkraut, delicious mustards and pickles. It's a love at first bite kinda ting.
On a sunny day The Dusty Knuckle's bench is the perfect place to munch on your mortadella, sweet and sour baby onions, aged parmesan and fresh rocket focaccia, sitting amongst the shipping containers, feeling just about as hip as you can feel.
Theo's uses such good quality produce it can charge a little more (just a little, mind). If you can get yourself there on a weekday lunch, you will have the rare pleasure of sampling their panuozzo - various fillings folded into their pizza dough. We like mozzarella, tuna and olives.
No matter how hard you try to make a badass sandwich, it won't compare to the absolute monsters at Max’s. Try the Spaniard, with massive onion croquetas, baby gem lettuce, lime pickled onions, sweet herbs and spicy mayo. It's a full on meal in a pillowy soft bap.
This may not be the sexiest spot in London but close your eyes and sink your teeth into pulled confit duck, with duck skin crackling, smoked aioli, caramelised balsamic onion, and rocket, in a brioche bun. Add a confit duck egg yolk for supreme bliss.
Ask any Scott worth their Irn-Bru and they'll tell you a baby haggis isn't just for Burn's night. Come try a haggis toastie with cheddar, caramelised onion and rocket and you'll start to understand what it's all about (and also how the Scottish survive winter).
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