NYE 2019: 10 Events to Consider Booking

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It's you and it's New Year's Eve. You've had a fractious relationship over the years and it hasn't always gone smoothly, but like any true relationship, commitment is the key. And when we say commitment, we mean buying inflated tickets five weeks in advance and frantically getting all your pals in that 'NYE 2K19!!' WhatsApp group to do the same.
Nights Out
This is, we're very sad to say, Styx's last ever night before the Dastardly Developers come in to do what they do. They're going out to a disco tune with records old, new, rare and known; podiums; a cosy covered smoking area, an outside bar and pontoon lights. A groovy little send off.
The Rhythm Section shakedown always comes as a welcome breath of air. They're putting on another no line-up, no hype affair, where all the selectors are special guests, and you’ll just have to trust their judgment. At Ghost Notes will be two decks, a mixer, a red neon light and enough vinyl to carry you a decent chunk of the way into 2019.
For something a lot more laid back and low commitment, come pay homage to 80s classics at Moth Club's infamous 'Dancing in the Dark' night. We expect your hair to be combed halfway up to the ceiling and you to be wearing skin-tight garms with wavey patterns - it's about to be 1989, baby.
Stevie Wonderland know how to throw a party, and for New Year’s it'll be all things disco, boogie, soul and house from the Wonderland residents and some special guests. What more is there to say? Nothing.
Young Marco will be sharing the reigns at Phonox with their globe-trotting, multitalented resident selector, Esa. Expect a heady night of global sounds with eclectic funk cuts, Afro gems and a decent sprinkling of Italo funk peppering pumping house and techno.
It's a straight up house and disco special at Oval Space and Pickle Factory as the two venues combine forces to present a billy big balls kinda shindig. They've invited some suitably big names to try and justify that price tag with Move D, Gilles Peterson, Sadar Bahar and Tama Sumo all in action across the two sites.
We all want what we can't have... especially when we can't have booze, gambling or jolty jazz beats. It's New Year's Eve in the 1920s, and high society is a melting pot of loose morals, risqué hem lines and oodles of glamour. Held in a top-secret London location, expect multiple themed rooms, free-flowing bootlegged booze, clandestine gambling dens and naughtiness - lots and lots of it.
Nights Out with the Dinner Option
If you're struggling to decide between a big blow out meal, live music or a good old-fashioned club night, this is the answer. It's a decadent three-course feast followed by live jazz from Christian Brewer and his trio, rounded off with DJ sets from Henry Wu, Maxwell Owin and others spinning broken beat, disco, and eclectic house. Do the whole shebang or just the getdown.
A bit of dinner followed by some mind-melting house courtesy of Detroit kingpin Maurice Fulton. That’s the Five Miles menu for NYE and it does look pretty appealing. First there's an Eastern-inspired five-course feast to get into; then the space transforms into a two-room club and a hefty line up of DJs do the business until the very early hours.
If you really want to push the boat out for New Year's then there are plenty of worse places to find yourself than Spiritland. Their special intimate NYE night is simply about high-end dining, high-class drinking, and high-quality jams. Along with some excellent grub, Norsicaa (Soundway Records) and Kyri (R2 Records) will be playing that exquisite, crystal clear rare groove that Spiritland has become renowned for.
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