London Fields on a Budget

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London Fields is probably best known for the yearly hordes that descend on its open green pastures when it gets hot, and then the requisite Evening Standard articles a la 'Look what these animals left behind after the one day of sun. Young people, AHHHHRG'. But look past the age war and you'll find what has become a real hot ticket in terms of London destinations, with more bespoke businesses under railway arches than mice and almost as many B-list celebs as Primrose Hill.
As for a Big Day Out, it's certainly on the cards but it might be tricky staying under £20. Let's see how we do.

Spoilers: You're gonna need to pack your trunks and a towel...
CHILL - 11.30am
Let's get the ball rolling with a little sustenance in the cosy/industrial railway arch surroundings of this bakery and coffee spot.

£3.50 nets you unlimited access to Bread Station’s, er, bread station and their range of bespoke homemade spreads. We’re going for black pepper peanut butter and raspberry compote, ‘cos we fancy but not too fancy for PB&J. And a flat white, of course.

Spend so far: £5.90
SEE - 12.30pm
Next on our set menu is a taste of culture at SPACE gallery. Set up in 1968 by Bridget Riley and some other art world big dogs, this is the HQ of a network of 19 artist's studios across south east England and here they channel the best of what they've got alongside workshops, classes and events.

It's a solid bet for some decent art offerings and is free af.

Spend so far: £5.90
DO - 1pm
Ok kids, we're doing this. It's hot, we're sweaty, you're sweaty - let's get wild in the water. London Fields Lido is one of the best, and a definitive Dojo fave for aquatic activities: it's 50 metres long, with swish new facilities and, wait for it... it's heated! What a treat.

This is gonna set us back a fiver, but when you factor in the time-to-fun-to-money ratio, it's a no brainer. Just don't forget to get some suncream on those shoulders.

Spend so far: £10.90
EAT - 2.30pm
All that swimming will have worked you up an appetite, so gather your things, tie your towel around your head and ready thy self for the masses of Broadway Market.

Green Lanes this is not, but they have gözleme that can rival the best. This run-of-the-mill Turkish cafe seems slightly out of place among the boutique bustle of Broadway Market, but it has a dedicated following, in no small part due to these deliciously cheap filled flat breads, prepped up to order in the window and served hot 'n' fresh in a brown paper bag.

We're going for the spinach, cheese and onion to go – £3 for a steaming, flaky and flavoursome gözleme is a certified steal in these ends, and we're certainly not taking it for granted.

Spend so far: £13.90
BROWSE - 3.15pm
Cinema, restaurant, cocktail bar, shop, and general cultural hub - the Institute of Light is a London Fields institution and could realistically fit into any one of our designated Big Day Out categories, but today it’s for a browse.

Coffee-table books, records, and other such items to spruce up your flat and make you look much cooler than you are can all be perused here, and with BBE hosting a dedicated record shop Wednesday to Sundays, you can easily spend an afternoon just browsing - which is what we're gonna do, 'cos we broke.

Spend so far: £13.90
DRINK - 4.15pm
Once you've had your fill of looking but not buying, let's head over to Netil House to get a little loose. Skip past Netil360 and the wafting scent of fake tan and head round the back and up to Morty and Bob's / NT's, an odd-but-lovely mash up of two spots in one, with Morty and Bob handling the brunchy/remote working crowd and, when it gets a bit later, NT taking over for the Hendricks and tonic crowd.

Grab a window seat, sip a G&T (£5.50), and look out at the view and across the lands you have just conquered. Salute.
Overall spend: £19.40
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