15 Late Night Cafes

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One thing you might not know about us is that we're big advocates of the lesser-spotted late night cafe. The places that, come 6pm, shift into something laid-back and moody, where we strongly suspect we'd be capable of seducing anyone in the entire world.

Here you'll find us leisurely holding an after-hours espresso, sipping on a lil' negroni, maybe even indulging in a small bite, all without the noise of a pub or the formalities of a restaurant. Join us.
Clapton has its very own slice of Tel Aviv cool at a corner favourite that pairs levantine small plates with all the necessary libations. Ideal for taking a seat outside, and watching the Clapton cool cats bop on by.
An iconic Soho institution, this is as close to feeling the rhythms of an Italian cafe at 3am as you're going to get. You can grab pizza, coffee or sandwiches at any time of day - expect to encounter London's gregarious Italian community whilst you're at it.
When evening turns up, this bougie Elly & Castle cafe/restaurant transforms into a setting ideal for a Deep Meaningful Conversation. Delicious small plates are paired with intriguing cocktails and soundtracked by a very nifty speaker system, dealing in easy-listening soul and funk.
From their humble coffee origins, Craving Coffee has quickly become a Tottenham hotspot - particularly a little later in the day when their all-week alcohol licence comes in handy.
Amongst the soft woods, white tiles and chic-warehouse aesthetic, expect ideal conditions to get a little loose and plenty full.
One of Kennington's best haunts, Cable is all dark woods, mismatched furniture and fast internet. It's very chill during the day, and marginally less chill come nightfall when most of the trendy sorts in these parts stop by for a bev. Watch out for their excellent jazz nights on Tuesdays.
The community vibes run strong at Diddy's: a colourful Mare Street all-day cafe where locals bundle in to cotch amongst the low lights. It's a refreshingly simple affair, with cocktails all around the £6-7 mark and reliably good jams. There's also a downstairs den for something a little more intimate.
Injecting East Dulwich with its laid-back Caribbean charm since '93, Blue Mountain Cafe is an arty, bohemian kind of spot that deals in rum-orientated drinks, jerk chicken and all round positivity. If none of that sounds good, perhaps there's no hope for you.
Cafes are two a penny round these workaholic Clerkenwell ends; cafes that stay open late (at least on Thursday and Friday) are not. Catalyst is a calming spot serving craft beers, wines and cocktails till 10 - a great shout for a post-work sip somewhere quiet.
Come Friday evenings in summer, there are plenty worse places to be than Brill on Exmouth Market which opens up its magical little secret garden for booze beneath the fairy lights. Add in an exceptional soundtrack courtesy of Brill's record collection and you're onto something pretty darn pleasant.
Waterloo has many a dodgy trap, but this place is a real gem: a cafe and bar where rickety furniture and bits of old Vespas sit alongside vintage espresso machines. By night, things step up a couple of notches, with one of their Italian beers going down nicely.
A softly lit, lazy place where cultured locals come to chew the fat, pinch some free wifi and just generally let the day roll on by. They've a decent selection of wines and beers, whilst cocktails are at the £8 mark.
An Old Street staple, drop by here in the evening and you'll find Square Mile coffee, as much wifi as you can handle, draft beer and a menu of burgers, toasties and salads. And bikes, of course, so please do come wearing lycra.
Amongst the excitable tourist swarms of Trafalgar Square, Notes is a welcome respite: an all-day cafe and wine bar open late, bringing small sharing plates, charcuterie boards and £10 cocktails to the evening party.
Homerton's Hatch tries to be all things to all men: a cafe/workspace/event space/bar/hip hangout in a converted warehouse where all kinds of things happen in the evening. But if nothing's organised, this is a suitably chilled spot for a coffee, beer or glass of wine potentially paired with one of their hearty dishes.
Another one strictly for Fridays in summer, the community-owned Fowlds is a very cute spot in the front space of a fully functioning upholstery workshop. It's that iconic duo: furniture restoration and coffee, only with a couple of added extras we know you need to feel happy: snacks, craft beers, wine, cocktails and a selection of whiskies.
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