Katsu Sando

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There's something about juicy pork, surrounded in a crispy coating, stuffed in fluffy white bread with cabbage, lettuce and mustard that just hits the spot. It's called a katsu sando, it's Japanese and it bangs.

We don't want to alarm anyone but it could well be the sandwich of the summer, or failing that rather lofty goal, just a bloody great lunchtime treat.
The folk behind the actual Monocle Magazine are behind this swish little cafe, so it's pretty darn stylish - think Swedish blonde wood combined with a minimalist Japanese feel. It's like if IKEA started selling sushi and katsu sando sandwiches. Monocle's is made with a crispy chicken escalope, filled with simple lettuce and comes with mustard and salt and vinegar crisps on the side.
TĀ TĀ Eatery is the love child of Zijun Meng and Ana Goncalves, whose Chinese and Portuguese influences got hot and heavy under the sheets and created a tasty fusion of European flavours in modern Asian styles. And now they're popping up at Borough Wine's Kensal Rise branch, with these juicy pork katsu sandos, in brioche no less.
Sosharu, meaning 'social' in Japanese, is a 75 seat izakaya - a casual restaurant serving Japanese tapas-style food and drinks. Their sando is an absolute banger, it comes in hot crisped bread, dripping with sauce, filled with breaded pork, red cabbage, wholegrain mustard and dashi maki tomago (an omelette).
There's a few things we've come to expect from the P. Franco team: friendly staff, high-brow cooking and an eye-opening selection of natural wine. Bright didn't fall far from the tree then with all of the above and edible excitements all over the menu. We got lost in the soft, crispy pleasures of their Japanese katsu sando sandwich in white bread. Pickled white cabbage and a side dipping of mustard provide just the zing you need to get through layers of crispy pork heaven.
This Japanese bakery and café is all clean lines, neat and tidy, with a perfectly presented selection of patisseries. Pop in for a coffee and have a peruse of the eye opening selection of bakes, buns and sarnies. Their katsu comes with deep fried chicken in breadcrumbs, sweet BBQ sauce, mayo and salad. While you're at it there's also an egg mayo number in cornflake crumbs - just saying.

Milk's slow-paced, green eating, eco-friendly, Australian lifestyle goes hand in hand with a good sarnie in the sun. Grab a table al fresco, get yourseld a homemade smoothie and order their fish sanga. Not quite a katsu sando, their crispy little number is made with a thick and juicy fish finger, lettuce, pickled cabbage and mayo. Looks like you've absolutely nailed brunch yet again.
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