Hanukkah Treats and Where to Get Them

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If you're not familiar with the story of Hanukkah - you know, that Jewish holiday that sometimes coincides with that other holiday - then prick up your ears, chil'n. After The Maccabees - Jewish rebels - reclaimed the holy temple in Jerusalem from the Syrian tyrant king, they needed to rededicate the place by burning a menorah.

The catch: they only found enough oil for one night. But then, a damn miracle happened, and the menorah burned for eight freaking nights. That's why all traditional Hanukkah foods are oily AF, which makes them delicious AF. Here's where to cop some.
This is the big one. The Beyonce of Hanukkah foods. Such a first-rate food item deserves a double bill, so we've selected two spots to fill your latke quota. The latke is a fried potato pancake - throw some sour cream and apple sauce on these puppies, and you've got yourself a balanced meal. The ones at Monty's are slightly non-traditional, while the ones at Gaby's deli are old school like the Torah.
Sufganiyah (jam doughnut)
Alright, we know what you're thinking: "Is this just a jam doughnut with a very confusing name?" The answer is yes, and the ones at Bread Ahead are divine. The raspberry number will have you dancing the hora.
Not oily as such, but a Hanukkah staple nonetheless. This tender cut of meat has gotten the mouths of Hebrews watering for centuries, and you can sample some at The Join in Brixton. Topped with smoked aioli and bacon relish, it may not be kosher, but it's finger lickin' good.
It's a custom to eat dairy on Hanukkah. Why? We're not sure, but we'll embrace any excuse to eat cheesecake. People rave about the one at Honey and Co. and with good reason: this sexy little ditty is a standout on an already-stellar menu.
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