Quench Yourself With Iced Tea

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All your mates are obsessed with iced coffee, they lurk in groups around the cafes that serve it, they discuss their cravings at length to anyone who will listen and then they slurp loudly, enjoying their prize.

Well they can suck it, 'cause there's a new iced drink in town. And when we say "new" we mean undervalued, rediscovered, saved from obscurity by yours truly. Go for fruity flavours or fanciful cold brews and remember to enjoy the ceremony of the thing.
Good & Proper Tea cold brew theirs for a more subtle taste. They're also rotating their flavours which means you might find something along the lines of Yunnan, orange and honey; jasmine, elderflower and lemon; or lemon verbena and fresh mint... or you might not.
This Middle Eastern cafe-cum-restaurant is pretty flipping adorable. You can see how much love the husband and wife duo put into every aspect of the edibles. That includes their homemade thirst quenchers, like tangy fresh lemonade and fragrant iced teas. What's brewing depends on when you go but expect the likes of orange blossom, rose and cinnamon, or plum and vanilla.
Everything at Xu is stylistically on point, including the theatre of hot steaming clouds emanating from the tea counter. But it's not all about the heat, there's a fine cold brew to be had here too. Just make sure you listen to the instructions carefully, as any over-brewing will be much frowned upon.
If you're passing the Tea House Theatre on a sunny day and you happen to spot a free table, you'd do well to nab it and order yourself and iced tea. You can get all sorts but we opted for a fragrant earl grey with a touch of lemon. Sit back with your beverage and enjoy the community feels of this Vauxhall spot. You might even hear some children laughing.
This little spot of charm in Islington does a mighty refreshing earl grey and elderflower blend. The cooling floral sweetness blends perfectly with that bergamot hit to make for a very happy mix. And the food? Well the food is gosh darn lovely. In fact we don't know why we're sitting here chatting away about the tea.
The folk behind the actual Monocle Magazine are behind this swish little cafe, so we went in with big expectations. It's just as stylish as the mag with Swedish blonde wood decked all over the place and a minimalist Japanese feel. Know what would make it even more chill? Well it's not hot tea is it.
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