How to drink coffee like an Italian

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Italians are incredibly passionate about coffee and have a whole heap of unspoken rules, which, when broken, can lead to many an eye roll. Sometimes when we get bored of being British, we swan and strut about London drinking coffee, Italian style. And this is where to do it if you fancy joining us.
A quick shot on the go
Italians are busy bees, so they drink their morning espresso on the go, while standing up at the bar. Seriously, if your bum hits that seat, everyone will be wise to your ruse. Make like a time-crunched Italian at this canal-side spot before rushing off to get to your crucial meeting/appointment/gym sesh/drug deal.
Oh, you like it milky
Italians will only ever drink milky coffees, like a latte or a cappuccino, in the morning. Try ordering one past 11am and you're bound to get some funny looks and perhaps even a slap in the chops for being so ridiculous. But you're big and brave so get your lips around a milky one from Scarpetta. They're goddamn delicious.
Getting that post-lunch pep
A caffe macchiato, with its plop of froth on the top, is still acceptable in the afternoon at a push. Bag one at the Italian Job, a lovely little spot that gives us the warm fuzzies, and not just from the beer.
The perfect snack
The perfect accompaniment to a caffe ristretto (a strong coffee) are cannoncini, puff pastry horns filled with cream or nutella. Bar Italia put the cannon in cannoncini with their creamy little wonders. Because a cannon is explosive and powerful and delicious. Alright, it was a stretch.
And that evening treat
In the summer nothing beats an affogato, usually made with vanilla ice cream and ‘drowned’ in a shot of espresso. We know it isn't summer, but we can dream with Bar Termini's variation with almond ice cream and a cheeky shot of Frangelico or Amaretto, if you so desire.
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