Google Pixel 3 Curiosity Rooms: Part 2

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In partnership with Google Pixel 3.

To mark the release of the new Pixel 3, Google have taken over a three storied space in Piccadilly and filled it with a whole heap of events centred around the idea of making every day more extraordinary. Which is what the Google Pixel 3 will do, just to join those dots.

Along with workshops, live podcasts and panel discussions, there are also plenty of free installations, pop ups and speciality shops you can pop into to experience something cool or get a taste of something nice. Here's what to scope:
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1. Taste some of the finest coffee in town
What did people even do before flat whites? There's no doubting that London now has a superb collection of coffee joints and some of the best are taking residency in the space with The Fields Beneath, Old Spike Roastery, and Flotsam & Jetsam representing over the next few weeks. That's all the creamy caffeine you could ask for.
2. Peruse some beautiful creations
At the Mini-mart, as part of the Makers Studio, you can browse some of the finest creations the various makers of London have to offer including plants from Patch (until the end of this weekend) and candles from Earl of East London (from next week onwards). It could also be a chance to get that present shopping done - because who doesn't like plants and candles? You'd have to be a monster.
3. Take the Google Pixel 3 for a spin
Of course, if all the hype and excitement has piqued your curiosity about the thing tying this all together, the Google Pixel 3 will also be available for a test spin. You'll be able to try all the new features through a variety of installations they have, including their super strong 12.2 MP dual pixel camera; Group Selfie; and the Night Sight feature where dark scenes come out stunningly.
4. Get that festive family shot
If you get on with your fam (we're very happy for you), how's about a nice festive family portrait to prove it to everyone? There’ll be a cosy Grotto where you can don your favourite festive accessory – then, using the Night Sight feature, you'll be able to capture your Christmas portrait in the lowest of lights.
5. Hit the slide
There's something about the pure, simple fun of a slide that just seems to hit Londoners' spot. A specially constructed slide has been set up here too, which you can travel down and get the perfect action shot using the Google Pixel 3's Top Shot function.
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