Film Club: April 26 - May 3

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We've got horror, we've got war, and we've got political satire that hits so close to home it might as well be horror. Sound fun? Don't worry, this week at the movies isn't really that grim, and you've got the chance to see some absolute classics return to the big screen where they belong - all self-described cinephile douchebags rejoice!
Wed 26th April
See the film that launched a thousand (mostly ill-advised) sequels and spinoffs. But don't judge it for that, Alien is an absolute classic. You've probably seen it before in all its gross really phallic alien birth-like glory.
Thurs 27th April
As part of the Frames of Representation film festival (yes, we're gonna keep going on about it 'til it's over cuz all these films look amazing and socially important too, so deal with it) catch the UK premiere of Gulîstan, Land Of Roses. The documentary follows a young woman from Montreal who leaves her comfy Canadian life to join the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) to fight against Daesh.
You might recognise John Berger's Ways of Seeing - if you've ever encountered the concept of Orientalism or taken an Art History class, chances are you've at least skimmed through this dude's work. What might have saved you a lot of reading time is this little known tidbit: he actually made a TV series about his theories, which helped to redefine the way we view film as art, and how the camera changes our perceptions of reality. So come check out these two pieces that changed the way we see film.
Sat 29th April
A completely unhinged (and that's putting it kindly) head of state triggers a series of events leading to a nuclear holocaust and a world war - the plot of this 1964 Kubrick classic could easily be a current news headline (is it not?). This dark comedy/ political satire of the Cold War has always been mildly unsettling but now more so than ever.
Wed 3rd May
The one, the only, Final Girls film collective are putting on a night that will send shivers down yer spines. Featuring four short horror films by four killer female directors, XX is the first and so far only all-female horror anthology, making it like, a pretty big deal.
New Picks
Shot entirely from inside a cop car amidst the raging conflict between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian military in 2013, Mohamed Diab's politically-charged film lets the audience feel the hysteria of a riot. While both sides are tossed into the police van during a riot, the ensuing face-to-face conflict is both chaotic and uncomfortable.

Showing at Curzon Bloomsbury, Ritzy Picturehouse, and Hackney Picturehouse.
The Transfiguration
In the great tradition of Buffy and Angel, Bella and Edward (but ew), and whoever that couple on The Vampire Diaries is, comes the slow-burning nihilistic tale of a young boy who's got a real fang fetish. This is less trashy teen flick and more morose arthouse pseudo-horror though, referencing classics like Let The Right One In and Martin in more ways than one.

Showing at Curzon Aldgate and Soho, Ritzy Picturehouse, Hackney Picturehouse, and Picturehouse Central.
The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki
A biopic about a Finnish boxer might seem a little too niche for most (unless you're one of the what, five or six people who actually follow Finnish boxing, in which case this is probably your dream come true). Surprisingly though, Juho Kuosmanen's black and white film is immersive, perfectly composed, and brilliantly acted, allowing it to hold its own against any of the glitzier sports films in the cinematic hall of fame.

Showing at Curzon Aldgate and Bloomsbury, Hackney Picturehouse, and ICA.
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