Father's Day - 15 Restaurants That Won't Scare Your Dad

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If you've clicked on this it's because you've someone in mind, someone who was there for you at various times in the past, someone who deserves a little attention on this Sunday as decreed by law.

Here's a collection of restos you can proudly take that someone to. They might learn a little something about London, about you or even about themselves, but shouldn't be too intimidated. And remember lunch is usually cheaper if you want to show them the good life with less of the price tag.
St John is a bit of a London institution: very British, very meaty and very well respected amongst those who know. Your dad should enjoy the mix of traditional food and well dressed hipster types.
Berber & Q does Middle Eastern fare with a young, fresh approach that you can't really argue with. We love their succulent meats for feasting dishes, or a simple pita stuffed to the brim with various flavours.
Portland does fine dining with exquisite and delicate strokes. It's the kind of food you'd expect to come with haughty waiters and tablecloths - instead you'll find smiling faces and in-house experimental ferments.
Hugely respected in the wine world, this one's a cracking choice if your dad is a bit of a wine buff, or indeed if he isn't. The menu is short, simple and hearty - just what you need when you're three glasses deep.
Have you been trying to explain the joy of Turkish to your dad but are too scared to throw him in the deep end with your fave mangal? Ease the old man in gently with Yosma's grilled goods, dips and bits - he'll soon come round to paying less for it.
Gymkhana is a contender for the best gourmet Indian in London, no question. Luckily both curries and cocktails arrive at an extremely relaxing pace while you sit in extremely comfy chairs - no Dishoom hustle and bustle here.
You probably weren't expecting to take your dad to a BYOB Thai, not until you stumbled upon Singburi's delicious and authentic menu that is. A plate of crispy pork will have him on-side in minutes, while he baulks at the fact he's in Leytonstone.
Casse Croute provides the most charming French bistro vibes without any of the rude service. He'll feel like you've taken him on holiday when he orders a 'pression' with his 'poisson du jour'.
Your dad's never been to Hackney has he? Well maybe it's time you lured him over with the promise of food that aims to 'put Hackney Wick on the map' no less. That £45 set menu shouldn't go down too badly either.
Sure he's no stranger to a bowl of pasta, but has he seen THESE bowls? 'Trendy' crockery aside, no human can resist the comfort of these perfectly cooked Italian carbs. It's emotive stuff.
Take the old guy for a brisk uphill walk in Broccy P, then steer him towards Naughty Piglets for a plate of garlicky lamb or fresh Devon crab. If he can't find something to like on this menu, should he even be your dad?
There are only two pizzas on the menu at L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele, and that is because when it comes to Neapolitan 'za, perfection is possible. One each, a couple of cold ones and Bob's your uncle.
We wouldn't presume to know your dad's affiliations with Notting Hill, or yours for that matter, we would however recommend this beautiful little farm-to-table resto. For all it's perceived 'poshness' it's really a pretty friendly spot.
Flat Iron Square is the kind of fast-paced street-food hub that dads don't usually go to. But Bar Douro holds a restaurant space within this madness, so you can give the old guy a taste of the buzz without him having to elbow anyone throughout the meal. If he likes it, go for drinks there after.
Adjacent to a restored Lambeth church filled with gardening artefacts, The Garden Museum Cafe dishes out pretty nifty seasonal delights courtesy of chefs Harry Kaufman and George Ryle. In fact, we think he'll really like this one.
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