Eating Ethiopian

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Forget the recent upsurge of 'small sharing-style plates' restaurants - in Ethiopia, they've been doing the sharing ting since forever. Ethiopian food is famous for its banging variety of rich, aromatic stews which are served in the middle of the table atop injera (a sour, fermented pancake made from teff), ready for everyone to tuck in. Leave that cutlery at home chums, these are our top five Ethiopian spots to get your berbere fix.
This Kingsland Road gem is one of those no-bullshit places that serves up simple and delicious Ethiopian food which also happens to be 100% vegan. It's BYOB, the staff are bloody lovely and it’s damn cheap to boot. Leave any vibe-snipers at home and get yourself down to Andu before you can say “yemisir wot” (Ethiopian red lentil stew).
Let’s face it, cutlery sucks and eating your dinner with your hands from a giant, spongy pancake in the middle of the table is way more fun. Wolkite is an Ethiopian eatery in Holloway which specialises in kifto: a lean beef warmed in spiced butter, cooked with mitmita and served on top of injera.
The queue for this Borough Market bad boy is always five times longer than its neighbours but don’t let this put you off - the lovely folk here are super-quick to serve and your box of Ethiopian goodies will be well worth the wait. It's a bloody steal for a fiver.
Warm, family-run Zeret dishes up authentic Ethiopian stews, lamb dishes and coffee served with popcorn and frankincense. We recommend getting the Zeret Surprise, which is a little bit of everything served on an injera — perfect for first timers or the terminally indecisive amongst us.
The dishes whisked up at Lalibela are, to put it quite simply, lurrvely - if you ain’t in a hurry that is. Slow-cooked, thoughtful and rich – each dish is tender and lush. Not the speediest of service here but their lamb and pumpkin stew will make amends for that. Holla.
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