Enlightenment Corner: March 22-28

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Sexism! Racism! Brexit! Oh my! If you're like us, your heads are probably just about ready to implode from all the really less than fab things going on due to politics in the last year. Try to make sense of it and learn what you can do to be a halfway decent person in these less than decent times by putting on your thinking caps and heading to one or some of these talks. Or you could just go to the erotic possibilities seminar in an effort to quell your growing anxiety and dread at the state of the world with physical pleasure and hedonism. That's what we would do tbh.
Weds March 22
It's nearing the end of March and Theresa May's got her finger on the trigger of Article 50. Are we the only ones imagining it to be some sort of huge red "Eject" button that when pressed will ricochet the UK off into some unknown darkness? To be fair, it's as good a guess as any seeing as how nobody fucking knows what Brexit really, actually, will mean for our lives... hopefully this talk will help us figure it out.
Tbt to 2016 - unless you have PTSD from the whole of last year's politics (we wouldn't blame you) you might remember it as being a year of change and flux, to put it delicately. And if you're like us, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns, like for example, where the fuck do we go from here? Never fear, as former Ambassador Tom Fletcher, author of The Naked Diplomat, will be on hand to mediate a discussion about how we as #globalcitizens of the digital age can gird our loins against the uncertain and polarising times ahead, and hopefully come out relatively unscathed.
Islam is a bit of a hot button topic these days - the tide of Islamophobia in Western society is certainly rising, and you can barely read a news article without mention of "the Islamic State." In her talk, Dr Sarah Glynn, author of Class Ethnicity and Religion in the Bengali East End, will be dissecting what being Islamic means in the diaspora, focusing on the Bengali community in London's East End.
Friday March 24
It's hard to be a musician, it's hard to be black, and it's hard to be a woman. Throw it all together and sometimes it can be really fucking hard. Cassie Kinoshi is sharing her experience of living with the everyday sexism, racism, and aggressions that come along with being a double minority in a white male dominated industry.
Sunday March 26
We've got your attention with this one, haven't we? Bunch of pervs. Hoi Polloi is playing host to a full day of talks and panel discussions revolving around the changing nature of sexuality, what sex means in the arts, and hearing from individuals who have benefited from sex in their careers. Hosted by Reba Maybury (Wet Satin Press) and Matthew Holroyd (Baron and Baroness Magazines), the talks will cover arenas from fashion to music to activism to publishing - maybe everything in the world is about sex...
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