Enlightenment Corner: 15-21 November

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We're breaking the mould this week, bringing you some pretty niche fodder for those noggins. Learn about the health benefits of spirituality and psychedelia, or hear about some spooky shit that disturbs your consciousness - and not a single mention of a certain Fuckface Von Clownstick running shit across the pond. Are you proud of us?
Wednesday 15th
School defo didn't adequately prep us for the real world. That's why we don't know how to file our taxes or properly use a drill without severing our fingers. We need a holistic reform so our poor, helpless young'uns don't go out into the world thinking that 'HTML' is an STD.

David Scott - Professor of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment at University College London - and Robin Street - Co-Principal of UCL Academy - are all about that educational reform life, and they'll be discussing how we can integrate evolving technology and automation into our schools' curriculum.
Thursday 16th
Liberals are the smug mayors of Smugtown, thinking that they're the only ones on the political spectrum capable of being nice to others. But is tolerance solely the purview of liberals? How do other political affiliations practice it? This talk - led by prominent Pakistani public intellectual Javed Ahmed Ghamidi - often erroneously labeled 'liberal' because of his tolerant politics - will explore non-liberal conceptions of tolerance, and ask whether tolerance is really the sole preserve of liberalism.
Friday 17th
You've always felt secretly superior to your slightly smelly friend - the one who preaches the merits of 'vibrating frequencies' and other metaphysical hullabaloo. Unfortunately, with science's recent lurch towards spirituality, that friend is no longer looking so crackers. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, pioneering cell biologist and all-round impressive dude, will be discussing how several spiritual practices - psychedelics, meditation, gratitude, rituals and pilgrimage - can have remarkable effects for the health and body.
Saturday 18th
Witches, ghosts, and ghouls are really having a moment, and Conway Hall is capitalising on the hype with a day of talks exploring all things creepy, crawly, and culty. We're particularly psyched about talks on the evolution of 'the ghost' in British art, the figure of the Devil in local lore, and the history of the 'walking dead' in the British landscape. Whatever you choose, it should be a frightfully fun day (sorry, sorry).
Everyone knows there's a lot of bullshit associated with being a black woman in the real world, so imagine the kind of fuckery black female creatives experience on the interwebs. On the flip side, however, digital media can act as a powerful tool which allows black women to control their representation. This panel, part of ICA's Post-Cyber Feminist International, will explore how the digital disrupts normative representations of black women and how black femme-identified creatives can engage with questions of identity online.
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