Enlightenment Corner: 13-19 June

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This week, we're taking out our crystal ball and gazing into our collective future. Will we live in an egalitarian, utopian society where women run Hollywood and everyone implicitly understands consent? Or will radioactivity caused by environmental degradation turn us all into giant lizard people with discarded Alexa parts for scales? Actually, that would be pretty cool.
Wednesday 13th
Sci-fi authors have the uncanny ability to predict the future. Like, Margaret Atwood is a damn prophet for basically predicting Trump's tyrannical regime and rabid environmental destruction leading to our imminent demise in the Handmaid's Tale. That's a pretty bleak example, but other sci-fi authors writing today have been able to seize on technology and research currently being produced to imagine some pretty freaky futures that feel uncannily like an extension of our present.
Thursday 14th
We just can't stop talking about it: consent is always a hot topic, and Libreria Bookshop is delving deep into the often thorny intersection between desire and consent at this night of talks, screening, and performance. They'll be screening the award-winning documentary 100 Women I Know, followed by a reading from the book of the same name. The night will wrap with a deep-dive into gender expectations, performativity, the patriarchy, and all our favourite topics from the Intro to Gender Studies module we took at uni, led by poet, performer, and activist Tanaka Mhishi.
Bloody culture. Who needs it when we have nationalism and colonial nostalgia eh?! Well actually, art is a powerful force for shaping national sentiment and bridging gaps between communities. In a Brexiting Britain, culture may be more important than ever before - at least, the culture vultures on this panel think so. Catch arts educator Dan Baron Cohen, STORE founder Kevin Green, architect and Bold Vision founder Anshu Srivastava, and community organiser Moussa Sylla discussing this critical issue.
Saturday 16th
The BFI have been paying homage to the wonderful ladies in film this past month, showcasing their talent and skill when the world has been hell-bent on suppressing it. A pretty damn important endeavour in the wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns, if you ask us. For their centre-piece event, they'll be hosting a day of keynotes, panel discussions and illustrated talks; as well as a special edition of the raucous 'The Guilty Feminist' podcast. Sounds bloody delightful.
Sunday 17th
Talking about social change to your 400 Facebook friends who already agree with you (plus the odd outlying relative) is nice and all, but you actually have to show up in real life to make shit happen. Turn your slacktivism into activism at this political happening organised by Lewisham Young Labour and Lewisham Momentum, who will be descending on the Amersham Arms in New Cross for a jam-packed day of lectures and music.
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