Dating 101: 30 Jan-5 Feb

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Merriam-Webster defines 'date' as 'the tall palm with pinnate leaves that yields the date', but that's not the kind of date we're talking about. Also, isn't it dictionary treason to put the word you're defining in the definition? We're not impressed, Merriam-Webster. Anyways, here are some places to go on a date this week.
Close your eyes. Picture your future. Do you see your bae in it? If you do, take 'em to this free exhibition at the Museum of London, featuring clairvoyant works from artists, architects, and designers. These fortune tellers are presenting their own visions of what our collective future will look like - hopefully with minimal nuclear holocausts and maximal hover boards.
Use your little legs to carry you right to this itty-bitty Hackney wine bar/restaurant, one of our faves in the city. Their creative, rich sharing plates are perfect date fodder, and those well-curated grapes are sure to induce some fuzzy feelings in your belly. Grab two seats by the window and 'accidentally' brush arms with your date as you reach over to grab some fennel and lemon burrata.
Take your bae to the Rosemary Branch for good brews, quality eats, and a bang up selection of board games. You might get a reputation for being an unadventurous date, before you hit you boo over the head with the big surprise: there's a theatre upstairs, playing host to comedy and fringe theatre almost nightly. Gingerly pick your date's jaw up off the floor and get yourself involved in some weird and wonderful entertainment.
You know what's sexy? Knowing how to cook. Get your hands dirty with your bae at carby connoisseurs Burro e Salvia's pasta masterclasses, where you'll learn the ancient seductive art of making fresh pasta. If you butter up your date like you butter your raviolis, things might get a little saucy later on.
If we had to choose an aesthetic we most identify with, it would be Art Deco. No one's really asking, and no one's likely to ask, but we thought we'd let you know. This Art Deco bar in Stokey is a gleaming relic of that period, and boasts plenty of shadowy nooks to neck your date in. Allll riiiight.
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