Dating 101: 15th January

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Just because it's dry January doesn't mean it needs to be a dry January, if you catch our drift. A touch of panic might be settling in with the realisation that your usual fail-safe tactic that you've finessed over several years of dating - getting tipsy - cannot be relied upon. Well fuck it, you're still a catch and you don't need a bottle of whisky to prove it! Dates to be enjoyed with lime soda, coming right up.
Just because you're not drinking doesn't mean you can't hit the bar. After all, the bar is where you've done some of your best work. Redemption Bar are all about that good-living, alcohol-free life. In a laid-back, arty spot they've got a menu designed by a nutritional therapist that's ideal for those in need of some redeeming.

Say hello to strange, alien concepts such as vegan, gluten-free smoothies and mocktails. Our tip: keep repeating the mantra, 'I don't need alcohol to have a nice time,' out loud so your bae knows you're enjoying yourself.
From the creative cats who put on the excellent Brainchild Festival comes a laid-back evening of work-in-progress performances. This is all about taking in some new ideas and works across theatre, comedy, poetry, cabaret and music. It's £4 entry, there are plenty of cosy sofas and it comes with the friendliest of vibes. That's enough to forget all about the need for a tipple, and we promise not to mention that it's also BYOB.
The Wellcome Collection is the kind of place that makes us wish we had four hands, so we could give it four thumbs up. It's a huge science haven that explores the interconnections between science, art and life; an intriguing reflection on what it means to be human.

That's kinda deep for a first date, we'll admit, but sometimes you've gotta jump in at the deep end. Plus, there are enough conversation starters here to jump-start the most awkward of liaisons. It's open till 10pm on Thursdays.
Have you ever seen those insanely fit, lean and strong couples bouldering together and thought, I want that. Us neither, but that doesn't mean a spot of bouldering doesn't make a good sober date. The Reach is South London's biggest climbing space with, erm, lots of things to climb. Drop in is around £10-12 and they also have a lovely little cafe for some NON-ALCOHOLIC beverages. We're picturing it now: you, the belay partner to boo, watching in awe as they ascend the steep wall. What's the worst that could happen?
It might be a touch on the spenny side (£22 off-peak; £29 peak) but for a pretty fun activity in which being sober isn't so much a preference as a necessity, axe throwing is definitely up there. At Whistle Punks in Vauxhall, you'll be thrust into an addictively competitive competition in which you basically throw axes at a target and try to get as many points as possible.

If you're good, you'll look sexy as hell; if you're bad, you'll look like a pathetic incompetent shrimp. Either way, you'll both be riding high on those sugary San Pellegrinos.
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