Dating 101: Jan. 17-23

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Is it a coincidence that 'date' is just one letter off from 'hate'? We don't think so - this is a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top. But if you're feeling discouraged, just remember that we're all in the same boat, grasping blindly in the dark for a hand to hold. Except those smug bastards in relationships. They can drop right off the Earth.
What is it about Iceland that makes its people so damn ethereal? Whatever it is, it's perfect date fodder. Samaris is one of the many high-quality acts to emerge from the land of ice, serving up atmospheric Björk vibes that are totally sway worthy. They're also perfect for the 'bump in the night' portion of the date, but you didn't hear it from us.
For the bookish types, this hybrid spot right smack in the middle of Soho has serious literary salon vibes. You and your honey can debate the merits of Tolstoy over primo cocktails before browsing the shelves for your next read. Check their website for regular events, as well.
From Tolstoy to Tetris, this pick is a little less, shall we say, cultivated. But it's a hoot nonetheless - this Dalston gamer bar features Playstation, Xbox, Super Nintendo, heaps of board games, and other fun doodads to whet your appetite for fierce competish. Nothing like a little playful teasing to get the rivers of love flowing.
Before exploring your date's body, take them to this new exhibition that explores the female body as medium for storytelling. It features 17 female artists who turn the camera to women, or on themselves. Plus, it's free, so no awkward wallet dance at the reception.
Everyone knows tapas was invented by the Spanish to boost their romantic tourism industry. Dig into the most romantic meal format at this too-cool-for-school eatery, featuring a delectable menu of fusion dishes with Middle Eastern and Spanish influences.
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