Dating 101: December 11th

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As anyone who's watched Louis Theroux's documentary on polyamory recently will agree, sometimes it takes more than two to tango. Or bonk. A third wheel can really add some momentum and intrigue to all dat romance - and we are that third party, with tips this week on snowy cinemas in wardrobes, vibey vermouth bars and alternative Christmas pantos. We're feeling an awful lot of compersion right now (look it up).
Remember the good ol' days, when the only date idea you had was a trip to the double seats at the back of the cinema where some risqué (and completely inappropriate) fooling about could be done? Let's go retro for a bit at this enchanted, snowy pop up cinema hidden away behind a wardrobe. It'll be showing all the classics (Elf, Home Alone, Love Actually); exactly the kind of films you don't really need to be paying much attention to.
Vermouth is an underrated date night tipple. Sipping on that botanical, sweet sauce will have you and boo instantly feeling like you're in a rustic taberna in Barcelona, on a romantic weekend getaway. It also isn't too strong, lessening the chances of crying too early on in the night.

Vermuteria, in the swanky new Coal Drops Yard in King's Cross, is a teeny thrill-ride of a bar with a sensual spark. It's got the appropriate lighting, the requisite vibe, excellent food, and a menu of beautifully unique beverages to work your way through.
If you're feeling to step things up a notch and go for a special dine, we know the place. From the team behind Michelin-starred Clove Club in Shoredy, Two Lights has a more laid back, buzzy vibe centred around an open kitchen. From there, out come tasty plates of real quality, such as Hereford beef tartare and togarashi (Japanese spice mixture) or lemon sole with charred tomatoes and seaweed. The bill won't be the smallest, so if you're having doubts about your dining companion, maybe think twice.
No matter what your answers might say on Hinge, you've gotta show that you're capable of the weird and wacky and we have a wild card up our sleeve. This Christmas show has been described as 'Tarantino meets Shameless meets Elf', which sounds like the production we've been waiting for our entire lives.

Taking place in a pub, the plot is a little vague but we do know it will be full of live music, karaoke, mayhem, and a touch of magic taking inspo from the traditional British panto. It'll be a shared experience if nothing else, which might even lead to another shared experience (sex).
Proceed Clockwise is the biggest board game cafe in the... UK! Let that sink in a moment. It has hundreds of games to choose from - many of which are two player - and decent pizza, craft beers and wines brought direct to your table. We can picture it now: you looking deeply into your beb's eyes, debating whether you care more about destroying them at Pandemic or forging a connection that might last a lifetime.
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