Dating 101: 26th February

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As current events are showing, breaking up is not easy. Unless, that is, you can bounce back immediately with a string of imaginative dates to be plastered on every social media platform you can find. You don't even need to find someone to go with if you take enough selfies and use the hashtag #datelife. We'll be keeping an eye out for them!
In the OG romantic fable, Adam and Eve, they got up to all kinds of muadness in the garden of Eden. Well, Bonnington Square is as close as it gets in London. This green haven is a magical little oasis amidst the hustle of Vauxhall, with shady nooks, exotic plants and benches galore; quaint cafes that spill out onto the pedestrianised streets; and that rare feeling of community. If you see an apple, eat it.
The charmingly rough and ready Palace Superbowl in Elephant and Castle is about to be no more. That's sad news for all kinds of reasons - one being that a reliably fun and no frills date haunt is about to be lost, decreasing the shagging in E&C by an estimated 35%. So head down before it's too late, get your feet stuck on their sticky carpet and knock some pins down, won't you?
This bougie neighbourhood restaurant serves up the kind of heavenly decadence that would make Nigella Lawson blush. The younger sister of Hackney joint Nest, it's run by three lads with a penchant for fine food who have created a delectable five-course set menu in a space bathed in candlelight. Yep, it's sexy stuff.
This way to check Nest
Eventually in any relationship you'll end up discussing what it means to be human (though we wouldn't tip the first time you meet the in-laws). This performance at The Barbican is a mixture of dance, film and visual art tackling what humanity means in the age of tech, riffing on science fiction and time travel. Oh yeah, it's a trippy one, full of all the disorientating, hypnotic and psychedelic imagery that will enliven the most frigid of dates.
El Garito is so darn discreet you’re half expecting the bartender to give you a round of applause for finding it when you come through the door. It's a diminutive, angular nook that's been transformed into a romantic lil' cocktail bar with a short menu of six very different, strong concoctions. Dim, dark and cosy, it's just perfect for the whispering of sweet nothings in your honeypie's ears - that everyone else in the joint will likely overhear.
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