Dating 101: 23-29 May

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Look, if you've been taking your hunny to Nando's, you have to reevaluate your romance tactics. Not that Nando's isn't delicious - it is, unequivocally - but they're going to start to think you're an utter philistine with an unhealthy relationship to Portuguese chicken. Time to up your game. These spots should put more savvy into your dating scheme.
Alice Neel spent her career painting intimate portraits of Manhattan's immigrant community. These tender paintings reveal a compassionate community living under the strains of city life. It's free, and it's at Victoria Miro - a lovely gallery near Regent's Canal. Then take your beb over to The Narrowboat pub and get those chins wagging.
Check out Narrowboat here
Of all the gin joints in all the world, this one's the classiest. Waiters look fresh as fuck in crisp white lab coats, and the menu is like a sensory trip through a mad laboratory. The whole thing looks straight out of Old Hollywood, so bring a fedora and a repertory of IMDB quotes. That should lock 'em down.
Hop, hop, hop your little legs as fast as they can take you to this global eatery and basement drinking den on Brick Lane. This place does the work for you: fill your tum with small plates upstairs, before moving downstairs for after-dinner cocktails. How you progress to the third chapter of the date is up to you.
If you're too poor to take your beb on a weekend away in the Cotswolds, take them to this camping-inspired pop up instead. You'll get all the benefits of a weekend away in the great outdoors - campfire marshmallows, fresh air, colourful shrubbery - without the wicked farmer's burn from hiking for an hour and not putting on SPF 50 because there were sneaky clouds shielding the blazing sun. Always. Wear. Sunscreen.
Like, it's pretty gosh darn adorable that this canoe rental company calls themselves "Moo Canoes" and paints their boats with cow patterns. That's so twee, we can hardly take it. Throw a sunset canal ride between burgeoning lovers into the mix, and you've got yourself a sickeningly saccharine scene of rrrrroooomance.
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