Dating 101: 16-22 January

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How can you tell if your boo is into you or not? Next time you're out, bring some ketchup packets and feign a bloody tumble. If they seem genuinely concerned for your well-being and take you to the nearest emergency room - congrats, it's the real thing. But if they step over your blood-soaked body to get to the bar, then we're sorry to say that your hunny isn't the one.
You're already pretty practiced at fake-laughing at your bae's jokes. Put those skills to the test at Angel Comedy Club, which will also almost definitely elicit some real chuckles. It's free and hosts popular comedy nights that are heavy on the ha-has throughout the week. They say laughter is the key to a person's heart - but so is free shit, so this spot is rearing for romance.
In a cosy little candlelit nook on Stoke Newington High Street lies Wander, a globally-minded small plates resto perfect for a little tête-à-tête. Opened by an Aussie chef who takes inspiration from all her worldly travels, each dish is replete with flavours both obscure and familiar, seductively caressing each other on the plate. Bring a bae and bring an appetite.
You can only call your crush over to 'fix your leaky pipes' so many times before they suspect your game. Bring your handy bae for some handsy action at The Good Life Centre - an adult learning space that offers practical workshops in DIY, home maintenance, decorating, upholstery, woodwork, furniture restoration, and more. Take your new skills home with you and get busy with your boo.
Join the mile high club with your hunny at Flight Club, an all-in-one darts emporium/pizza joint/cocktail bar that'll take your luv to the next level. Sip on slushy cocktails from their carousel-themed bar before challenging them to a heart-pumping game of darts. If they piss you off, you can always use their face as the bull's eye.
There's all manner of global goodness to explore at Brixton Market. Sample the scrumptious stalls with your boo thang - we recommend Japanese street food from Okan and Trini jerk chicken from Fish, Wings, & Tings. Then keep the party going into dinner time by picking up some poppin' produce and challenging your hunny to an at-home cook-off. Steamy.
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