Dating 101: 18th September

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The sun may be setting on summer, but it'll never go down on the eternal quest for love. Wring out the last bit of warmth at these sensual spots, and while you are it, wring out that defeatist attitude of yours. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was the bumpy road to love. Head here before the weather truly turns.

Take some lessons in seduction from the French - they invented the art form, after all. There are all manner of sensual Franco-offerings here including succulently stinky cheese, good wine and coq au vin. With seats tumbling out onto the pavement and some tucked away in their backyard terrace, schmooze your boo with some booze before leaning in for some French smooching.
A staple of British Summertime, the outdoor swimming scene is bustling with all kinds of lovey dovey couples, special friends, and sexy strangers. Take the plunge and show your bae a little skin - with heated waters it's the perfect place to transition from summer to autumn vibez.
Having been at it for a decade now, Luna Cinema are OGs of the outdoor screening game. Curating beautiful experiences in picturesque settings, it's prime pickings for those hungry for luuuuv. Lay a blanket down and get ready for some cuddling 'cos it's actually fricking cold rn. Nae bother, those loins of yours will keep you toasty.
We wouldn't normally say getting elbowed by rowdy city boys on a Hoxton rooftop makes for a good date, but the theme of Queen of Hoxton's infamous rooftop this season is too perfect to pass up: they're going post-apocalyptic Sin City with Lost Vegas, a dystopian reimagining of the Vegas' hedonistic excess.

If sparks fly, you can tie the knot in a makeshift chapel with an Elvis impersonator - a totally chill way to play it cool on a date, in our opinion. Go before rooftop season officially shuts down.
This is a critical time. The temperature is dropping ever so gradually, ever so cruelly. You gotta squeeze all the outdoor date activities you can out of the tail end of September, before you're sequestered to your flat with just a Snuggie for warmth and company. Take your hunny to the majestic Richmond Park. Even if you leave it too late and you miss the last of the summer rays, it's a sweet spot to watch the seasons change.
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