Dating 101: 18-25 July

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Once you've finally managed to take your eyes off that beautiful piece of art, you might want to take a look at your partner, or your special friend, or that sexy stranger you're in bed with at the minute. See how good they look? Wouldn't it be nice to go somewhere together, maybe somewhere nice? Somewhere that looks a lot like one of the places below, perhaps?
Sometimes you just need to get a little coquette with a little Coupette of something bubbly and bodacious. For those occasions, you should probably head to this fancy Frenchie establishment and order a 'First Things First' - made from whiskey, dry vermouth, champers and fresh pineapple syrup. Just don't say 'First Things First' when you do, or your date will 100% walk out on you.
There's nothing more romantic than sitting under a rose-covered pergola with your bae, and what a luscious, odoriferous and downright gorgeous pergola the Culpeper Community Garden has to offer. Take your honey for a stroll round the pond, then get on one knee on the freshly mowed lawn and pop the ultimate question: 'baby, can we please get a puppy already?'
Bored of taking your date for wine and charcuterie boards? That's fucking absurd, but we've got you covered. This new little Bengali spot in Brixton is all about putting rich, wholesome flavours onto small sharing plates, and we love it. They say sharing is caring, but when the food is this good, what they really ought to say is 'sharing ruins relationships'.
Boobs, artistry and the celebration of female sexuality - these are a few things that make us very happy. And if your babe has any sense of taste and righteousness, it'll make them happy too, and perhaps even slightly horny. Which was clearly your plan all along, you naughty machiavellian genius.
Some things just need to be resolved the old fashioned way: by playing drunken video games in a Dalston basement. Grab Overcooked to test your teamwork skillz cooking burgers for a hungry monster, or go old school ninja warrior and play them at Tekken. If all else fails, take them upstairs, buy them a couple shots and whoop their ass at Scrabble.
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