Dating 101: 17th April

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Mating season is approaching. Time to up your romance game or you'll get naturally selected right out of here. No more 'idk, what do you wanna do tonite?' No more Peaky Blinders marathons and an anaemic takeaway. No more watching your date's eyes cloud over when you suggest Wahaca for dinner. No more. Lock it down at these dating spots.
Nothing gets those romance juices flowing like a picnic with a view. Hike up Telegraph Hill in New Cross with a sexy spread and your bae will be putty in your hands. Even if the sun's not on your side, bundle up. We don't care if it's 'cold' and 'damp' and 'really really just freezing like not at all picnic weather'. How committed are you to getting laid?
This super extra weekly class takes the tried-and-true life drawing formula and throws a bunch of neon paint on it. The models are splattered in the stuff and decked in outlandish accessories that react to the UV light. Why? Why not? It's a good way to get a little loosened up, and it might inspire a little artistic hedonism on your date.
The ultimate impress-your-date spot, 40 Maltby Street is a hipster-industrial heaven for organic wine and top seasonal food. Nestle into the airy space under a railway arch in Bermondsey, scan their thoughtful menus for well-curated grapes and delectable small plates, and canoodle freely knowing you've made an excellent date choice.
Show your date what you can do with your axe at Whistle Punks, where lumbersexuals and the lumber-curious alike can sling mad blades at wooden targets. And if the date goes awry, you'll conveniently have a murder weapon on hand. Just kidding! Don't murder your date, that would be a real bummer.
Coupette is a very sexy drinking den that's sure to incite some feelings of amour (that's 'love' in French). It looks and tastes like it was plucked straight out of the streets of Paris, with a grown-up menu that's heavy on the champagne cocktails. Yeah, it's a classy affair. Get involved with their cheese plate and you have yourself a proper date scenario.
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