Dating 101: 17-23 October

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We're not even going to talk about dating in the autumn. That would be a crutch, and we're better than that. We have more to talk about than the crunch-crunch-crunch of leaves beneath your feet as you stroll through vivid oranges and yellows with your bae. We won't even mention curling up by a crackling fireplace as you and your boo share a slice of freshly-baked apple crumble. We would rather die than jabber on about all the pumpkins you can pick with your luv. You can count on us for top quality editorial content that consistently skewers clichés.
Have a grape (sorry) day with your bae at this winemaking workshop at London Cru. Get your paws dirty as you learn the art of mixing your own juice, plus a bunch of tasting tips and tricks that'll make you feel like a vino virtuoso. It's proper pricey (£125 a pop), so we recommend only committing to it if you're committed to your date. But you know what they say: if you can drink your boo's wine, then they will forever be thine.
Take your bae's hand and lead them through the heaving, vomit-laden streets of Shoreditch, past the rayon suits of after-work warriors and into this clandestine cave of nocturnal indulgences. Lounge Bohemia is as laid back as cocktail bars come in the neighbourhood, seating only 30 lucky bums and serving up some seriously inventive tipples. Ever had a frothy bubble bath martini, complete with a tiny floating rubber ducky? They have that here, alongside plenty more photo-worthy refreshments.
We're getting all hot and bothered over Hallowmonth (yeah, it's the month before Halloween and it's a thing), lapping up the salacious selection of spooky events on offer in the run-up to the big day - and this one is really pulling our poltergeists, if you know what we mean. Take your bae along to this classic horror all-nighter at the Prince Charles Cinema if they can brave it. Snuggle up to them when you get a little spooked - a classic move, but an effective one. You'll be grazing each other's ghouls by the end.
This little piglet is a laid-back Brixton bistro serving up inventive fare at wallet-friendly prices. The intimate atmo and countertop seating makes it the perfect place to lean in close, whispering sweet nothings into your boo's ear as you're both ravished by seasonal small plates and an epic wine list. Be sure to save room for dessert, which is consistently bang on at this fail-proof spot. If it feels this nice to be naughty, we don't want to be good.
If you and your date are the Teva-wearing, 'take half a tab at a desert rock concert' types - and even if you're not - hit up London's king of the climb, The Castle in Stoke Newington. It probably won't compare to your boo thing's bouldering trip to France, but it's a good way to stretch those limbs and work up a sweat. With over 450 routes to choose from, you're spoilt for choice at this climbing mecca. Plus, letting your bae belay you is a good trust exercise that's sure to strengthen your luv - unless they drop you, in which case you should string them up to the rafters and wave buh-bye.
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