Dating 101: 15-21 August

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You guys still haven't found a lifelong partner? We've been writing this story for ages. What's wrong with you? It's clearly not our suggestions, so it must be a defect in your personality. Anyways, we'd recommend that you stop trying - but if you're a glutton for punishment, you can keep cracking at one of these seasoned spots.
Jazz isn't just for fancy people with money, it's also for skint people who feel like making a trip down to Dulwich on a Friday. Balamii is taking over Dulwich Picture House's new pavilion this August, rounding up all of south London's best talents on the jazz scene for free evenings of live music. Grab your honey while it's still hot (the tunes and the weather).
If you and your beb have ever discussed continental philosophy or used the word 'postcapitalist' in a conversation, you better maintain that intellectual aura by taking them to this magical floating bookstore. Yeah, it's a bookstore, on a boat, on the canal. Peruse their offerings, then read your respective books to each other whilst lounging nude on a bed of roses. Or just go to The Narrowboat pub nearby.
Check out The Narrowboat here
Get your hands dirty with your boo at one of E5 Bakehouse's many baking and cooking classes. Ply those mounds (of dough) to make sourdough loaves or scrummy 'za. Kitchen novices can also opt for one of their cookery classes, where you can choose between Italian, Middle Eastern, fish, Indian, or vegetarian-themed sessions. Impress your bae with your culinary skills and they'll never let you go.
In partnership with Tanqueray
Sometimes you just need a good ol' straightforward, slap up pub to take your date instead of committing to a more involved activity, just in case things go awry and you need a quick way out. We understand. This one in Forest Hill is as good as any, with an airy beer garden and perfectly serviceable grub to quell a rumbling tummy. Look out for their Tanqueray cart, where you can snag a range of top notch 2-for-1 G&Ts on Thursdays - which is perfect, because a date normally involves two people.
The ethos behind Tuyo is 'Why have one when you can have them all'? Of course, you're going to need to bring along a lucky +1 to sample the luscious pan-Mediterranean sharing plates at this canalside bistro, so why not make it the one you love? They deserve it for putting up with you. Hummus, lamb merguez sausages, wild boar salami, figs and Manchego - it's all here, it's all delicious, and it's all pretty darn romantic in our professional opinion.
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