Dating 101: 14-20 November

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A recent study conducted by the Institute of Miscellaneous Studies found that couples who engage in seasonal activities together have a higher chance of lifelong happiness.* (*Not a real study.) No matter how much your bae protests, drag their ass out to that pop up/hyped exhibition/hot new opening and get that cute couple selfie for the 'gram. If a couple couples and no one is around to see it, did they really couple at all?
Sure, your relationship can survive the strain of picking a Friday night film or choosing the right selection of small plates to share, but can you complete a critical mission through time and space without breaking into a domestic squabble? Put your luv to the test at Time Run, an elaborate escape game in Hackney that busts the time-space continuum for an adrenaline-fuelled adventure. You know what they say: couples who solve cryptic puzzles together stay together. You'll need at least three players, so either organise a double date or finally broach that three-way you've been thinking of.
Pergola on the Roof has put on their winter best, boasting heaters to fight off the chill and lush foliage that's just begging to be snuggled under. Their menu has also been revamped with warming grub to build up your seasonal fat supplies: slurpy ramen from Tonkotsu, hot buns from Patty & Bun, cushy 'za from Mama Dough, and salubrious salads from Raw Press. Throw some mulled cider on top of all that and you're romancing so hard, you may hurt yourself.
Ooh and ahh with your boo over the wonders of the world at the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. This is the 53rd edition, and the snaps are as jaw-droppingly magical as ever, featuring powerful scenes of Mama Nature doing her thing around the world. If David Attenborough is to be believed (we've had our doubts about that guy), everyone likes nature, so it's a safe choice for the Tinder match you don't know anything about.
Snuggle up to your bae at this little neighbourhood spot in Nunhead. It feels like a real romantic refuge, housed in a former pub with plenty of exposed brick, low lights, and intimate vibes. The menu is all about sharing boards (pick your poison - meat or veg), plus sides and small plates whipped up with whatever's left in the kitchen. Whet your whistle with some sexy cocktails or craft beer and get that luv train chuggin'.
Hide away with you bae in this little literary alcove in Haggerston, featuring the finest paper and decent coffee on tap. The airy space and colourful stacks welcome a hearty browse, and their cafe beckons bookworms to stay and chew over their picks. There's nothing more stimulating than a good book-based chat, so do a deep dive into fiction with your date before deep diving into their trousers.
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