Dating 101: 13-19 March

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Love is like a fine wine: it makes you spinny, it matures with time, and it often feels like the only thing that makes this wretched life worth living. Guzzle some luvin' feelings at these ripe 'n' ready date spots, but remember to romance responsibly.
Couples who met on - you might want to sit this one out. But for carnivorous love birds, this spot is meaty heaven. The dining room is all minimal Scandi cool; while in the kitchen, all sorts of crazy stuff is going on - brining, pickling and smoking are all applied to the finest cuts of flesh. Skip dessert, though: you'll be getting that at home.
Love is already super cheesy, might as well go all in at this cheese making workshop. You and your boo will learn to coagulate with the best of 'em, as expert cheese makers take you through the process - from heating the milk, to adding the rennet, to cutting the curds, and finally, devouring that sweet dairy. It'll have you brie-lieving in love.
This cosy corner bar is the ideal spot to incite some fuzzy feelings. Wine and dine your boo with some choice grapes and fine plates - the owner, Gareth, seriously knows his stuff, and if you ask nicely he'll take you on a whirlwind tour of the world's wines. You and your date are guaranteed to leave tipsy and frisky.
Rugged romancers should take their luv to Rough Trade East, a Shoreditch institution that pulls triple duty as a record shop, label, and venue. Browse their stacks and silently judge your bae's musical taste, before slinking over to their makeshift stage to catch an album release gig from one of their artists. Just don't go too hard on their free coffee, or your date jitters may turn into caffeine convulsions.
Your date did their MA thesis on 'dematerialisation and embodied desire in contemporary conceptual art'; you once went to a Picasso exhibition. You may not be the art bae of their dreams, but you're going to try anyways by taking them to 10 Days Six Nights at the Tate Modern. It's a 10-day live art happening, featuring performances from some big(gish) names from the art world. Rehearse some art student aphorisms beforehand and your boo will never know that you can't tell the difference between a Manet and a Man Ray.
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