Dating 101: 14th August

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Remember the first few months? When you were all over each other like a hypebeast on Supreme, swapping saliva all day, only coming up for air and brunch. Now you both pass gas liberally whilst sitting side by side on a couch, the indentation of your bodies making a permanent imprint. Re-ignite that flame at one of these magical romance spots, and we promise you'll be back in love's bosom in no time.
We all know romance is a construct invented by the French to sell macarons, but they do it so damn well, might as well just give in. Settle in for some serious amour at Blanchette, a friendly French bistro in Soho serving small dishes that come on wooden boards and vintage style plates.
Love makes you want to jump for joy, reach for the stars, be the best you can be. Get sky high on luv at London's first trampoline park, where would-be bouncers can go for an hour long jump-about. Bounce into your boo 'accidentally', knock 'em to the ground, and pin them there until they agree to be with you forever. Just kidding!
Gigs may seem like a good date idea, but really, you'll probably spend two hours sandwiched together uncomfortably whilst you yell a disjointed conversation at each other. But Balamii's Summer Music Series at Beckenham Place is different: soft jazz, plenty of space to sprawl, and its free price tag means you can leave whenever you want.
If your bae own hiking boots, snacks on Clif bars, and constantly extolls the virtues of nature (sounds like a crazy person to us, but whatever floats your boat), impress them by suggesting a ramble round these majestic woodlands in north London. They'll never suspect that your Health app reads <2km every day. Be sure to check out the disused railway line, which supports a variety of wildlife habitats.
If the hawt summer season has you feelin' all fertile, take your boo to this garden-themed pop up in the lush gardens behind the Geffrye Museum. Admire pretty flora with a zingy seasonal cocktail in hand, before sampling some eats from their menu of BBQ'd delights. You don't need any gardening tools for this one, but hoe vibes are welcome.
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