Dating 101: 12-18 December

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It's all over. If you've managed to lock down a mate for cuffing season - congratulations, you are on the road to true happiness. If you still find yourself starfishing at night, your extremities slowly frosting over, better invest in an electric blanket and hope you don't die due to lack of body heat. Or you could just eat away your loneliness at Christmas and put on an insulating layer of fat. Anyways, better luck next year.
Campania & Jones is absolutely killing the rustic-romanticism game. The interiors are all exposed brick, faded wood, bare bulbs, and shabby-chic loveliness. Settle in with your bae for a laid-back, drawn-out dinner of sumptuous southern Italian fare made with a homely feel, and let the strong vibes and heavy carbs make it impossible for you to leave.
Hairy Goat's London photo tours let you creep on your date without fear of a lawsuit. Their London Photography Mystery Tour takes wannabe shutterbugs to secret, photo-ready spots around the city to take snazzy snaps for the 'gram. Let your date wander ahead of you and work that zoom - save that tush shot for later.
Luv is a great reason to get sloshed while the sun is up. Inject some gin into your day-date at Little Bird's pop up at Maltby Street Market - these Peckham-based booze peddlers are slinging lo-fi cocktails at their weekend residency, just in time to warm some winter cockles. Limited seating means you may have to squat outside, but don't fear if the weather's frigid - they'll kindly lend you a blanket to snuggle under.
If you haven't yet stepped a wobbly, skate-clad foot onto an ice rink, you're doing seasonal dating wrong. Don't you want to glide hand-in-hand with your bae, cheeks tickled pink, eyes aglitter with luv? Of course you do - and you want to do it at Skylight's rooftop skating rink. Round off that carving with some cheese fondue and choice bevvies - you're winning at winter romance.
Brocky P's a beaut year-round, but she really shines in winter, when the frost gently, cautiously caresses the trees and whispers sweet nothings in their ears. Ramble with your boo through the rolling meadows of Tulse Hill before hunkering down at The Florence for some warming tipples and quality grub.
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