Convergence 2017: Our Picks

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Imagine all of the excitement, music and atmosphere of a festival, but you get to sleep in your bed every night instead of a leaking tent. Too good to be true? We think not. Convergence is not just your classic multi-event city festival, it's truly one of its kind – here you can watch DJs rip up dance floors, learn to make weird sounds in music workshops led by all your faves, and experience one-off art installations. There's really no better festival for those of you interested in electronic music, art, technology, and everything in between.
Tuesday 21st
The fine people at Convergence really know how to kick off a party, so without further ado, we raise you this: Rival Consoles at Village Underground. His latest album 'Night Melody' is pretty much bang on the money when it comes to his music – it feels like warm comfort in the middle of the night that twists and swirls so that it sounds like he's playing to you, and you alone. For those of you who enjoyed the more human sounds of Kiasmos or Jon Hopkins – you'll fucking love this. Sometimes you just need to smoothly glide into the festivities, y'know? There’s plenty of time for partying along the way. Don't miss out.
Rival Consoles
Between the hood-clad members, tectonic-plate riffs and stacks on stacks of amplifiers, stepping into a Sunn O))) gig can look like you just accidentally joined some sort of cult. But all dark aesthetics aside, Sunn O))) holds a special place in music – they create a heavy, thick mixture of musical feedback and tension that never truly releases. We'll admit, it’s not for everyone – even they know that – but if you want to expand your horizons and experience drone sounds that will make every bone in your body shake, then this is the spellbinding live show you need to be at. Just, y'know, maybe don't bring your mum.
Kannon, Pt. 1
Sunn 0)))
Guys, don't panic, but we think we've found the answer to LCD Soundsystem in 2017 – and their name is Formation. South London newbies (and twin brothers, may we add) have been making ears perk up with their retro grooves, optimistic cowbells and post-punk electronic licks. But don't let the funkiness fool ya, these guys use their superpowers for good – if you pay close attention to their lyrics, you'll notice how politically-charged they really are. Join them at XOYO for their biggest headline show to date, featuring some crowd surfin', foot shufflin' and hip bumpin' - there's no way these guys are going to play a venue this small again. Consider yourself warned.
All The Rest Is Noise
Thursday 23rd
With all the exceptional electronic music going on during Convergence, you'd be forgiven for missing out on this one. Behind Shobaleader One's LED-studded, Daft Punk-like masks, there are masterminds at work making the kind of tunes that wouldn't be out of place on the Drive soundtrack – they've got that groovy, thoughtful electronic thang goin' on. Expect jazzy cadence but enough pastel-tinted synthesisers that will disorientate you like a never-ending lap on Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road. In short: it's going to be fucking euphoric. And if you went to the Adam Betts show we were banging on about last week, surprise! He’ll be the one tiring himself out for an hour on the drums at the gig, just for you. Aww.
Plug Me In
Saturday 25th
If there's one thing this year's Convergence has absolutely nailed, it's the sheer diversity of their lineup. Not only have they booked an eclectic as hell lineup themselves, but they've also let some of the acts curate their own bills at their own shows - so Jacques Greene's Convergence closing party is going to be fucking amazing. Not only will the versatile DJ and producer himself be spinnin' decks, but as impromptu curator he's called upon help from electro-wizards Pional and Lone to see things out in style. You can expect to hear everything from acid techno to electronic R&B to disco house. Stacked doesn't even begin to describe the beauty of this lineup – so come party in Brixton tonight, you've earned it.
Another Girl
Jacques Greene
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