Comfort Foods for Gloomy Moods

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You can’t be happy all the time. A constant smile would be exhausting, and our abs just aren't up to inordinate amounts of laughing. It's sometimes more enjoyable to revel in a good old fashioned mope. Moan and sulk, give all your gripes room to breathe, tell your poor unsuspecting friend all about how shit your boss is, and how your hangover is twofold with that familiar mixture of pain and shame.

Life happens. Food helps. Feeding yourself certainly won't be the answer, but it's a good place to start.
If you're feeling saaad, a veg curry is bang on the money. Go for soft, soothing goods like dhal, butternut squash, sweet potato, or pumpkin. The Kerala paratha is a must too: nothing beats its soft flaky centre and crispy edges - carb dreams.
Indulge in South Korean comfort food - spicy pork buns, fried chicken with peanut, or a Bibimbap which is pretty much baby food. Let the rich Korean flavours bring you happiness. That happiness won't last forever, but nothing really does.
Is this carb-hit guilt-free 'cos all the pasta is made on site? Yes it is. Covered in mountains of parmesan and the richest of sauces, these plates of perfectly al dente delights and will give you just the Italian hug you were looking for.
It's a dead simple operation in here – a couple of communal tables and a pretty small menu. Go for thick stews topped with yoghurt and mint, or the chickpea recipes flavoured with delicate spicing. This is food to warm your heart, not sex up your Instagram feed.
You may or may not have sinned, but either way you're in dire need of warming flavours and a full belly. We hereby name these noodles and this broth the very antidote to your sin and sadness. May it flush them away in one rich, aromatic slurp-fest.
We couldn't leave you without an offering of mac 'n' cheese now could we? What is it about melted cheese? The pure visceral pleasure, the stretchy stringiness, the creamy colour, the rich flavour, the... oh God sorry, we'll take ourselves off for a cold shower.
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