Coffee in the Wild

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Who needs Edison lightbulbs and communal tables when you can have lush trees and willowy palms? We want a dose of green with our beans - drinking coffee is no fun, unless there's fresh O2 for everyone. So go wild at these leafy locales.
This place looks like it was made in the Laboratory for the Advancement of Instagram Aesthetics. Everything about this place is 'gram-ready: the lush palms, the macrame hanging plants, the prismatic smoothies and donuts. It's very #goals, and we're all about it.
If you were casually strolling through Highgate Wood and came across the Queen's Wood Cafe, we wouldn't blame you for wondering whether the mushrooms you ate from the ground earlier were a bit funny. But this place isn't a psychedelic mirage - it's a real-life sustainable and locally-sourced cafe housed in a cabin in the woods. And we think it's quaint as fuck.
Ok, we need to talk about this place. The distressed antique furniture, the cascading ivy, the fairy lights, the lush array of flora. It's like all your fairytales come true. We'll just silently sip our lattes and wait for Prince Charming to come bursting through the door in a cloud of pink dust and chirping songbirds.
Pick one: cake or plants. Trick question, because at the Quince Tree Cafe, you don't have to choose. This perfect little coffee shop and patisserie in Clifton Nurseries is the perfect way to wile away a sunny day. Make sure to get a slice of their divine cake selection - or, realistically, several slices.
Deep in the untamed wilds of Neal's Yard lies this little hippy haven of a vegan cafe, housed in a cheery, colourful warehouse that's shrouded in leaves and guarded by trees. The menu is delightfully savage, featuring raw-centric, animal-free fare that's both delicious and totally free of guilt. We think a leisurely meal at this spot is as spiritually enriching as a trip to Burning Man.
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