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Summer is coming, oh yes it is, and with it comes longer days, and with the longer days comes longer sessions at the pub. The hole in your pocket gets larger and you may need to budget a bit more but it's OK, we feel you, and we got you. From nazis to Shakespeare and oil rigs, there's plenty to get bang for your heard earned bucks.
Everyone's favourite lovable murdering wannabe King, Richard III, is rampaging around Dalston this month. One of the bard's most infamous characters, the Arcola bring us a new version of this vicious and engrossing plot of manipulation, seduction and murder. Tantalising buzzwords for those of you who've never given Will Shakes a whirl...
No doubt WW2 was a historical period filled with horrific events, but it's provoked some awesome stories and dramas. There's a kind of weird beauty in exploring the best of humanity in the very worst situations, no? Theatre 503 are telling the tale of an imprisoned Jewish ballet dancer, taken in to a nazi officers household in this acclaimed new play.
BJJ, a black playwright, is having issues with the play he wants to put on; all of his white actors have quit, so it's only natural he should play them all himself, right? What follows is the staging of a play within a play, flitting between an 1850s plantation and the black box theatre you find yourself sitting in. It's a zany and meta piece of theatre exploring race and identity; expect blackface, whiteface and even redface.
James splits his time between land and sea, two weeks on an oil rig, two weeks off. It doesn't sound like everyone's ideal job, especially when you've up and moved to the other end of the country as a last resort. With new daughter Dyl arrived and an irritating new flatmate, Dyl is a comical take on isolation and men's mental health.
There was always one teacher who you thought was a bit nuts, a bit weird, a bit intense. Did you ever suspect they might be an ex-Black Panther and part of a criminal terrorist cell? Maybe, maybe not. Fanuco is desperate to learn English and live the American dream, but he's seemingly unaware of his new teacher's shady past. A political, gripping tale of race, crime and identity.
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