BYOB Workshops for Creative Drinkers

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You should probably do more stuff - learn new skills, take on new experiences, meet new people - but you don't because you're a big fat 'fraidy cat. We get it, it's hard, but there are institutions out there looking to help.

It's universally accepted that there are two things that make the acquiring of new abilities more convenient: workshops and alcohol. Getting together with like-minded self improvers and listening to a professional tell you how to improve a skill whilst you glug from a semi-chilled bottle of Echo Falls is a fail-safe path to success - it's actually how Michael Phelps got into swimming.
M.Y.O are the standard bearers for adult-oriented workshops. With an outpost in Borough and one in Peckham Levels, their classes cover everything from ceramics and earring making to calligraphy and wreath making. Plus their drinking policy is at the heart of what they do: less, 'get it down ya, fresher,' and more, 'we're grown ups who like to paint clay and sip £8 pinot noir'.
The London Cookery School runs a range of international cooking classes mostly of an Asian persuasion, and their sushi and dim sum classes, led by knowledgeable and patient pros, are the most popular. BYOB is an optional £3, but any cookery school that lets you drink whilst playing with knives is pretty rad in our book.
Lock down some of that coveted hygge at this beginners candle-making workshop in London Fields. Choose your favourite stank and covert it to wax form before taking it home and putting it above the toilet in the shared bathroom as a clear signal to your disgusting housemates. BYOB and fire can be dangerous, so only drink if you can candle it 🔥.
Anyone yearning for yarn should shimmy on down to this weaving studio asap, where drop-in classes run the gamut of fabric-based activities for all levels of expertise. Tapestry weaving, pompom earring making, embroidery and sashiko stitching are just some of the more obscure classes they run. It's a relaxed, fun environment where classes have been known to start with a shot of tequila and BYOB is allowed.
This ethically minded East London bakery has been pumping out delicious bakes AND opportunities for struggling young'uns for years now. But they also offer bread-making classes if you're looking to get in on that baking action at home. This one isn't technically BYOB, but they have free beers on hand from their neighbour, 40ft Brewery, which we're going to allow because it's for a good cause dammit.
A terrarium is like a mini-garden in a jar, and Jar & Fern put on super social, very fun workshops in the South London area that take newbies through all the steps of creating this pocket of eden. If you attend a class at their studio, it's BYOB - at a pub, maybe not.
This life drawing class is a nice way to let those creative juices flow into something tangible after work. They run two classes: one on Monday at People's Park Tavern; the other on Wednesday at Stour Space and the deal is simple. You draw models who are sometimes naked, sometimes not, for a short while. It's open to all levels, BYOB and they have people more talented than you on hand if you're struggling.
This all-day intensive class on the ins and outs of screen printing will take you from the design process, all the way through aligning, acetate blasting, printing and drying. At the end, you'll have a stack of handmade prints destined for the walls of your unsuspecting extended family. It's a tea and biscuit vibe in the morning but as soon as it hits 12 there's no shame in popping to the offie at the end of the road.
These taxidermy workshops will show you the skills of basic taxidermy: how to skin, prep, preserve, mount and position an animal in either a natural pose or doing something a human would. Classes range from £35-180 depending on the animal you're stuffing, and include a delicious vegetarian (thank god) lunch after the skinning. Not expressly BYOB but they're OK with people drinking if it helps them process the gore.
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