Bars with Excellent Sound

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There's nothing worse than hustling to get all your team together for drinks, only to find that the boozer you picked plays the worst kind of chart music. There's only so many times you can listen to Calvin Harris before you punch someone in the throat.

Well worry no longer, as we've tracked down the purveyors of fine drink and sound. From fancy sound systems to a hip hop chip shop, we're putting your ears in good hands.
An evening at Brewer’s Bar is like visiting the intimate abode of a friendly, stylish and very capable pal. The delight is in the detail: the soulful music that’s not too loud for actual convos; the mellow lighting creating the ideal evening glow; delicate artisanal wines and Partizan beers for libations; and suitable snacks and charcuterie for laid-back nibbles. As if that wasn't charming enough it's in a beautifully converted old Georgian butchers.
We never need much of an excuse to make a trip to Dalston's Brilliant Corners where it's all about quality: quality sound, quality drinks, quality sushi. Indulging in some of their karaage chicken whilst sipping on a negroni beneath those magical globe lanterns sets a lovely mood. Throw in lots more sushi, craft beers and organic wines and there are all kinds of reasons to get down here. Especially when the tables move to one side and the insane sound system takes care of the rest.
Satan's Whiskers keeps things old school hip hop, which is why we keep our asses firmly in their seats again and again. It's a slightly strange, semi-dive bar with taxidermy exhibits littered around the place. But somehow it doesn't feel too 'omg I'm so quirky.' Instead of dry nibbles, we've actually had scallops here before - perfect pairing for their potent Satan's Manhattan.
Stepping into Spiritland is like entering a time warp to uptown, bougie 70s New York. Part of London's growing wave of audiophile spots, the specially designed world-class soundsystem is definitely centre stage and is put in the hands of excellent selectors every night of the week to drop beautiful, grooving, crystal clear jams. Cocktails are dope and depending on what time of day you get there you can tuck into hot sandwiches, salads, small plates or weekend brunch.
We know that you know about the bubbling hotbed that is SE’s live music scene - well this is the spot where plenty of that good, authentic home produce gets a platform. Jazz and funk is normally what’s up, with anyone who’s anyone and even a few nobodies flexing their throats and twiddling their thumbs. The bill is plenty eclectic with improv and jam sessions joining free late night DJ happenings, where a care-free dance can be easily and cheaply obtained.
This underground cubby hole provides excellent seasonal cocktails, a small menu of tasty bites and some of the best quality sound this side of the Brandenburg Gate. With a hi-fi system from the ‘golden era’ of audio, BTW is the perfect place to get your audio geek on. It wouldn't be unusual to share a knowing smile with the DJ over some crisp electronic beats or just sit back and enjoy the ambient sounds while sipping on fine cocky Ts.
Chip Shop's unmatched offering of seafood, soul food and exquisite hip hop brings us back time and time again. By day it’s a fairly cosy spot serving up jerk chicken, shrimp and pies. But my night this turns into a different animal altogether, with the bass turned up and a strong bill of live acts, DJs and MCs packing out the space. Ice T, KRS One and B Real are amongst the heads to have dropped in in previous times, earning this place cult-like status.
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