Arts Radar: 8th November

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In the spirit of Egon Schiele, whose radical drawings sit alongside his buddy Klimt at the RA this week, we've decided to celebrate the figure of the tortured artist, the lone avant-garde genius who creates works of art that are borne from passionate turbulent struggle. Like Taylor Swift. These are some creatives who have shocked society and defied convention to produce oeuvres and Wikipedia biographies that are the envy of every student at Goldsmiths.
Folks, this is a big one. The two bad boys of Viennese modernism join forces for an epic show at the RA. This collection of drawings contains some of Schiele’s finest, most raw and disturbing work along with some epic sketches from Klimt. Expect a revealing look into two geniuses that, 100 years after their deaths, continue to scandalise like no others.
Combining heart-melting images of kittens and puppies with sinister portraits and plenty of fleshy detailed nudes, Eder likes to probe into what we consider beautiful and ugly and subvert our expectations of hierarchy and order. Surrealism and the baroque merge in a bold collection of paintings which blends the sentimental, sublime and squalid together in one.
Pioneering artists McDermott and McGough have turned a former Victorian chapel into an LGBT+ space celebrating Mr Wilde, his dandy aesthetics and his legendary writing. Adorned with stained-glass, velvet curtains and antique chandeliers, this place pays tribute to LGBT+ martyrs and those lost to AIDS and is kinda what we imagine the interior of Elton John’s house to look like.
It seems the torch of really excellent post-war canvas painting has been passed into the hands of Amy Sillman, who’s filled the cavernous rooms of the Camden Arts Centre with a series of her paintings that expand and question the history and tradition of the medium, echoing legends like Jackson Pollock and Basquiat whilst giving us something entirely unique and contemporary.
In this exploration of humankind’s impact on ecosystems and the organisms within them, Billy takes a wide array of materials ranging from bronze castings to car batteries and engine cables to present us with her own visions of the possible eerie effects of human consumption and activity.
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