Arts Radar: 21st December

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We get it. It's the week of Christmas and you've got far more important things to do than fanny about at an art show. Well did you know art galleries tend to have some pretty decent gift options? Two birds one stone, people. From Sophie Jung's chaotic performance piece to a video series all about Essex Road - there is plenty to help you suspend your disbelief and forget about Christmas for one freakin' second.
Sophie Jung must have been a classroom sensation when it came to 'show and tell'; the Luxembourg-born performance artist has storytelling skills that would put your nan to shame. Her new show, ‘Come Fresh Hell or Fresh High Water’, is both a sculptural installation and a performance that you can watch unfold live in the space or via a looping video.
Was America ever really great? ‘American Black & White’ presents two portraits of urban and rural America, shot half a century apart, yet united by strikingly poignant images of generational poverty and inequality. The exhibition features new work from Matt Black and re-discovered negatives taken by Elliot Erwitt in 1950.
Not many roads in London can boast that they have been the sole source of inspiration for an exhibition. Let alone four times over. ‘Essex Road IV’ showcases moving image work from eight contemporary artists, made in response to the eponymous street, and displayed outside for all to see. It's so meta it hurts.
Forgery is not usually something to celebrate, but for design duo Studio Furthermore the process of replication inspired a whole new mode of practice. For their latest collection, ‘REPLICA’, they use hand crafted foam moulds to cast aluminium and ceramics into kooky new forms. It’s the kind of stuff you’d love to own but don’t trust your flat mate to not use as an ash tray.
We usually think of long exposure landscape photography as the kind of art that ends up on a placemat inside a tourist tat shop... where it belongs. So we were pleasantly surprised to be wooed by the work of photographer Kirsten Reynolds. Reynolds sources some pretty epic locations, and through the application of her background in music and sound art, she carves a physical reaction to the space using light.
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