Arts radar: 7 December

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Advent calendars aren't the only exciting thing to open this month - there's a whole bunch of gallery openings that will certainly tickle your tinsel. So stop getting your knickers in a twist over which heat-tech thermal socks to buy your nanna, and tuck in to this eclectic mix of picks, including a guided tour of a reimagined Butlin's and Charles Jeffrey's first ever solo show.
If the fashion world had more Charles Jeffreys it would be a far more appetising place. His brand, LOVERBOY, is both a fashion label and a cult club night, two endeavours which work in sweet matrimony. Now the Glaswegian designer is hosting his first solo exhibition, THE COME UP. If the name alone isn’t enough to sway you then we suggest you go take a long hard look in the mirror.
With the pound failing miserably, could a return to the great British holiday be on the cards? Scott King’s new show takes us on a guided tour of Saxnot: a fictional town inspired by the all-inclusive holiday utopia of the 1960s - Butlin’s. Using infographics, printed works, and products, King visualises his proposal, from cash bingo lounges to nostalgic meal deals, in a look at how collective sentiment could be rebranded for political gain.
Karla Black’s installations are the kind that you really want to touch, yet one light poke could royally fuck the whole thing. The Scottish sculptor uses delicate materials to craft some quite precarious setups. Imagine a finespun mesh twisted into knots and suspended from the ceiling and you start to understand the fragility of it all. If you’re the clumsy type, maybe keep a sensible distance. ☺
Photographer Juergen Teller has a client list longer and cooler than your entire Insta-feed. From i-D to Bjork to David Hockney, he’s managed to hail love from both the art and fashion industries without pandering to any commercial bullshit. A refreshing break from the retouched and filtered world of today.
Kehinde Wiley’s paintings are about as colourful and vibrant as Jon Snow’s tie collection (Channel Four, not GoT). The African American artist famously paints black people into kitsch pastiches of notable European paintings. He's also just been chosen by Obama to paint his portrait for the Smithsonian, so we can extrapolate that this is Obama’s pick of the week. Thanks Obama.
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