Arts Radar: 16th November

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Wow. Just like that the art world has a new contender... It’s Britney bitch. Yes, Britney Spears just sold an original watercolour for $10,000. Not bad for a debut, eh? But then again her flatulence once fetched a cool 15k on eBay… This week's offerings are all about shaking things up, stepping out of the boundaries, and charting new territories - from rule-breaking photography to a warped, game show-inspired performance - this week is going to get rowdy af.
It turns out life does exist outside of the M25... but luckily the North has realised how lazy we all are and is coming daaan South. Fashioning Identity is one big celebration of the style and soul of northern England through a display of photography, fashion and film. We're mad fer it.
Let's face it, game shows these days ain’t what they used to be. How we long for the heady days of Catchphrase and Get Your Own Back. Beth Kettel clearly misses them too - her work, which spans performance, sculpture, and sound, oozes game show references: from green gunge and zany catchphrases to deadpan contestants and corny voiceovers, this has it all.
If you're as reckless as we are, you’ll love this show from the guys at Huck. Now, if you’re thinking, ‘what the fuck is Huck?’ then you are 100% missing out - it’s a magazine about radical culture and features all kinds rebelliousness and rule-breakary. The show marks the release of their latest issue - dedicated to documentary photography and featuring work from an array of photographers who are pushing boundaries like nobody's business.
The end of the world has been a hot topic ever since it began, and given our current set of world leaders, it’s not exactly hard to understand its sudden peak in popularity with artists. David Blandy’s latest show at Seventeen Gallery explores The End in terms of both the macro, 'we’re all gonna die', and micro, 'we're all sad' scales.
Oh Prince, we just want your extra time and your… kiss. A year and a half has passed and we still can’t come to terms with his sudden departure. If, like us, your wounds are still sore, shimmy yourself on over to Proud Galleries to soak up some A-Grade photography of TAFKAP. (Purple) rain or shine we're gonna be there, and so should you.
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