Zero-Planning Day Out in Richmond

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Pretty Richmond - perched daintily on the Thames with her Georgian buildings and famous residents (on a sunny day, you may spot a wild David Attenborough roaming the land) - boasts so many attractions, it would be easy to spend an entire weekend rambling 'round the neighbourhood. Sandwiched between Kew Gardens and Richmond Park, you'll find plenty of historic pubs, quality eats, and aquatic activities to keep you good and busy in the TW10.

But we've only got one day of fun, so we can't do it all... strap on your most comfortable walking shoes and slather on some SPF, we're living large in the 'burbs.
12:00 PM
We begin our intrepid expedition with a little fuel-up in the heart-swelling surrounds of Petersham Nurseries Cafe. Sup on some seasonal fare in their fairytale glasshouse while you make eyes at all that lush fauna. With a kitchen headed by former Hix chef Damian Clisby, you know you're in good hands.

Once you've had your fill, say goodbye to your new plant friends and head out to the untamed wilds of Richmond Park.
1:00 PM
Enter through Richmond Gate and hang right, following the path to King Henry's mound where you can take in the famous vista that cuts straight through to St Paul's. The highest point in the park, rumour has it that King Henry the VIII climbed up the mound to wait for the signal from the Tower of London at Anne had lost her head and he was free to bone other ladies.

Once you've appeased your peepers, amble next door to Pembroke Lodge, a stately Georgian mansion surrounded by landscaped gardens you can nose around.
2:00 PM
Trek further down to path towards the Isabella Plantation, where you'll find an otherworldly oasis that feels like stepping into a floral fever dream. This magical garden is beautiful all year round, but she really comes to life in summer when the azaleas and rhododendrons come out to play.

After you're done drifting around, head north towards Pen Ponds and then back out through Richmond Gate, taking care to avoid any fender-benders with rowdy deer.
3:00 PM
Congrats, you conquered the badlands of Richy P. Meander westwards - through Terrace Field and down the manicured expanse of Richmond Hill - until you find yourself at The Roebuck. Grab a reasonably-priced pint and toast your hard work at this historic pub overlooking the park. Peckish pilgrims can fill their gullet with one of their fabled churros, or select from their menu of traditional pub fare.

Are you rested? Good, 'cause we're about to do even more exercise. Please don't hate us.
4:00 PM
Head over to Richmond Bridge - ignoring the overwhelming urge to duck into Vodka Revs - where you'll find the Bridge Boat House; here, you can rent out rowing skiffs for an idyllic glide down the Thames. Drifting southwards, you'll pass cascading weeping willows, opulent mansions, and more green than a 4/20 rally. When you're done, navigate back to the bridge, ditch the boat, and stumble up the hill. Grab a grassy patch and chill amongst other sunny-day revellers, waiting for the day to melt into the eve.
6:00 PM
While we condone outdoor activities, we are reasonable people, and know there are limits. Stave off sun stroke at So Bar, Richmond's finest drinking establishment and the only place to get a proper cocktail in the 'burbs. Despite So Bar being a monopoly, its creative tipples rival any upmarket Soho spot. And look at that, you made happy hour - you're winning this day out.
7:00 PM
Once your tummy starts a-rumblin', take your appetite over to Pizzeria Rustica, a small but inviting pizza joint serving up Richmond's most gluttonous pies. Dig into one of their doughy house specials, topped with indulgent ingredients like Parma ham and truffle oil, and give congratulate yourself on conquering today.
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