5 Raw-food Emporiums

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We recently met a dog who was put on a raw food diet for health reasons (her name is Olive and she's doing very well now, thanks for asking), and it got us to thinking, if raw food is good enough for the best species that ever lived, it's surely good enough for the second worst, right? (That's us humans, we come in just above mosquitoes.)
With their health commandments up on the wall and everything intricately labelled, this place veers dangerously close to being no fun, but luckily the chaps behind SHOT also appreciate flavour. They’ve got some seriously tasty offerings like courgetti noodle salad or the decadent but guilt-free raw chocolate bars.
Image conscious Made in Chelsea stars Lucy and Tiffany Watson set up this all-vegan, ethical restaurant and decked it out with plants, pink neon signage and Insta-friendly tabletops. To be fair to 'em, we were so impressed by the creamy depths of a raw courgette lasagne, we were googling recipes for walnut bolognese and cashew cream the next day.
Brunch is big business at Farmacy with Notting Hill types leisurely indulging in some grub with their gossip. Everything on the menu is plant-based, sustainable, organic, and all that good shit. But the menu is by no means a dull health fix: they aren't counting calories here and there are all kinds of treats including their sweet rawnola with your choice of nut milk.
Essence Cuisine can be bit intense: it seems like everything is carefully curated with your cell regeneration in mind, all the way down to the cold pressed juices and alt-milks, but the flavours are bang on. Try the raw pancakes with candied walnuts and coconut cream for a comforting brunch, or raw pad thai with kelp noodles, marinated kale, tamarind, almonds and lime. Dee-bloody-lish.
Long before Deliciously Ella was a thing and when you didn’t know your courgetti from your nut butter, Wild Food Cafe was dishing up raw-centric vegan and vegetarian grub. There's some 100% raw stuff on the menu, but the stuff they do cook is made under a certain temperature to preserve those cheeky enzymes, nutrients and flavours.
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